See Behind the Scenes of Blackpink Jisoo on Get It Beauty Photoshoot

Blackpink Jisoo guested OnStyle Get It Beauty show on December 27, 2017 for Ep. 42 and January 3, 2018 for Ep. 43. She will do magazine cover photoshoot with the top three winners from Get it Beauty program for their final mission.

What is ‘Get It Beauty’?

Get It Beauty is a South Korea top beauty variety program by OnStyle channel. Every week, the program invites celebrities and professional makeup artists to share their unique style, favorite makeup products and beauty secrets. By watching this show, viewers will be able to find the best products recommended by celebrities and professional makeup artists.

What is the concept for this Get It Beauty episode?

During those two episodes, the top three winners of Get It Beauty, Ches, Kwak-Tori and Minsco, will do a final mission. They will do photoshoot with Blackpink Jisoo for Allure Magazine cover.

The general concept for Allure Magazine late February cover is ‘A Girl Who is Fall In Love’. The magazine will show different looks when the girls are in love in 3 specific concepts.


Blackpink Jisoo will do photoshoot with all of those three winners with all three different concepts. Whoaaa! 👏🏼

Lets see the results:

First, Modern Romantic concept with Ches. Modern Romantic means when girls fall in love, they become romantic, like a lovely feeling and as if it’s a dream. For the photoshoot they will use pastel color.

Modern Romantic Concept

Second, Retro Glam with Kwak-Tori. Retro Glam means when girls fall in love, they kind of become glamorous. Fancy and captivating women with shiny look such as bling-blings, gold, and silver.

Retro Glam Concept

And third, Power Classic with Minsco. Power Classic means when girls fall in love their confidence tends to grow. They can do things with passion, their self esteem grows higher, and they will use dominant color such as red or black.

Power Classic Concept

Behind The Scenes Photos

Lets get behind the scenes look of Blackpink Jisoo on Get It Beauty photoshoot.

Every body knows, Blackpink Jisoo really fits every concept applied to her. Previously, She slayed natural concept photoshoot with Instyle Korea. You can read our post here: Blackpink Jisoo Looks Adorably Gorgeous For InStyle Korea Photoshoot.

And now, on Get It Beauty, she perfectly slayed 3 different concepts at the same time. Oh God! She is so powerful. Look! her photos are all gorgeous and classy as always! 😍

*Image source: Naver

Behind The Scenes Video

Just seeing behind the scenes photos is not enough! Lets Watch Behind the Scenes Video of Blackpink Jisoo on Get It Beauty ‘Perfect Brush’ photoshoot.

If you watch the full cut videos of Blackpink Jisoo, you will see how powerful she is during the photoshoot. She acts and talks nicely in friendly way to everyone. And as always, she brings her cheerful and playful nature everywhere. She always makes people around her happy by laughing. We really adore her alluring nature.💖

She looks absolutely goddess here. Oh God! The queen is blessing our eyes 😍 Her messy hair and sexy heart shaped lips always leave us shaking uncontrollably 😭

This post is based on Get It Beauty Episode 42 and 43. You can watch the English Sub video of Blackpink Jisoo on Get It Beauty Ep 42 and 43 by here:

Thank you masternim for the translation.

Where to Buy Blackpink Jisoo Allure Korea Magazine?

There will be type A and type B of the magazine cover, check the shopping links here: Goddess Visual, Blackpink Jisoo Stuns on Allure Magazine February Cover

*All those top three winners are also beauty Vloggers on YouTube. If you are curious you can check their channel here:

Ches: CHES 체스 with 165,693 subscribers

Kwak-Tori: 곽토리 kwak tori with 452,734 subscribers

Minsco: Minsco 민스코 with 85,370 subscribers

(Data was taken on January 5, 2018 11.45AM UTC+7)

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