Scan and Summary of BLACKPINK Lisa Mini Japan Magazine Interview

BLACKPINK UPDATE – April 27, 2018.

Blackpink Lisa will be featured in Mini Japan Magazine for June 2018 Issue. Mini Magazine Instagram shared the picture showing its magazine cover for June 2018 issue featuring Blackpink Lisa.

Here are the scan of Blackpink Lisa part in Mini Japan Magazine and the summary of her interview in 100 questions and 100 answers section.

Scan of Blackpink Lisa x Mini Japan Magazine by @lots_a_ChaeYoon

Scan of Blackpink Lisa x Mini Japan Magazine by @327_PERCENT

English translation of Blackpink Lisa 100 questions and 100 answers section

by @ultlalisasm

* We add some additional information inside the bracket (…) to make the term clearer
  • Lisa wanted to be a cabin attendant when she was little
  • Lisa’s role model is Kehlani (Kehlani Ashley Parrish is an American singer, songwriter and dancer, signed to Atlantic Records) and Nana Komatsu (Japanese actress and model)
  • If Lisa didn’t became an artist she said she’ll go to Australia and study
  • Lisa looks up/studies Bella Hadid’s fashion
  • Lisa’s favorite flower is “edelweiss”
  • Lisa wants to go to Italy
  • Lisa’s favorite artist is Kehlani and her favorite song is honey
  • Lisa’s favorite place in Thailand and Japan is Siam and Harajuku
  • Lisa’s favorite moments when she was a trainee was choreographing a dance with the other members
  • Lisa addressed her fashion style as “casual”
  • She was asked when she will update ig and lisa deadass said “secret!”
  • Lisa’s favorite parts on her face is her Lips
  • Lisa’s favorite movie is “About Time”
  • Lisa’s favorite book is “Little Prince”
  • Lisa’s hobby is watching movies
  • Lisa’s favorite number is her birthdate “27”
  • Lisa wants to live in a big house with a backyard in the future
  • Lisa loves her blonde hair when she debuted
  • Lisa sings Taylor Swift’s “you belong with me” as her 18th song in karaoke
  • When Lisa feels sad she hugs her pet and cry and after that she’ll feels alright
  • Lisa enjoys eating chicken with the other members in their dorm recently
  • Lisa feels proud for being an idol when she sees all blinks smiles
  • Lisa loved snowboard so she watched the Olympics (lets remember her snowboarding moment in Blackpink House)
  • She’s happy that BLACKPINK’s MV was featured in justice league
  • Lisa wants to release BLACKPINK’s album this year
  • Lisa loves the rainbow dress she wore when BLACKPINK attended an award show (seemingly, that was the outfit when BLACKPINK won Rookie of The Year (Song) and Artist of The Year (Song-Monthly) for August and November (2016) at The 6th Gaon Chart Music Awards, February 22, 2017)

  • Lisa likes cubic nail
  • When BLACKPINK has a schedule overseas Lisa always brings her speaker with her
  • Lisa recently dreams about snakes
  • Lisa’s bloodtype is O and she said she has no siblings
  • Lisa 50/50 believes in fortune telling
  • Aside from rapping and dancing lisa loves to draw cats
  • Lisa said her sixth sense inside her is rhythm
  • Lisa’s favorite cake is red velvet cake
  • Lisa’s favorite subject is science and she hates math
  • Lisa said if she has 100m she wants to travel the world
  • Lisa wants her last meal to be sushi
  • Lisa’s favorite season is summer
  • Lisa said if she has a one week off from work she wants to travel to Switzerland with her parents
  • Lisa loves coca cola
Blackpink Coca Cola Coke Play 2018
  • Lisa said her advice to herself in the past is Enjoy living life to the fullest
  • Lisa’s favorite drama recently is “Stranger Things” (Lisa ya season 3 is coming)
  • Lisa said if it’s possible to go back in the past she wants to go back to her 18 years old self
  • Lisa wants to be born as a girl in her next life again
  • Before performing lisa feels very nervous so she keeps telling herself “It’s okay,i can do this.i can do it perfectly”
  • Lisa said before she dies she wants to do skydiving
  • Lisa was asked if she has a chance to be a boy for one day what would she do so she answered she’ll date all girls
  • Lisa wants to perform with Kehlani someday
  • Lisa said she likes to buy kinder chocolate because it has a toy with it
  • Lisa said she’s scared of ghosts and hates them
  • Lisa feels happy when she’s eating alot of foods
  • Lisa’s advice to those who wants to join YG “be yourself and have confidence. Show them all of your charms”
  • Lisa said she likes to move her body but she also said she sucks at sports (lets rewatch her archery moments)
  • Lisa’s favorite restaurant is wolfgang steakhouse
  • Lisa’s favorite bread is croissant bread (lets remember how she enthusiastically chose croissant in Blackpink House)

  • Lisa said she sleeps 9 hours a day
  • Lisa likes to collect lipsticks
  • Lisa also said she unconsciously collects a jacket with a baby’s face being printed on to it
  • Lisa said she’s into natural make-up nowadays
  • In the morning Lisa feels very happy when her dad makes breakfast for her
  • Lisa said her favorite Korean dish is gamjatang (pork back-bone stew is a spicy Korean soup made from the spine or neck bones of a pig) and for Thai dish is pakkapao,for Japanese dish is tempura
  • Lisa said she is not a morning person
  • Lisa said she always do face mask for her skin care routine
  • Lisa wears pajama when she sleeps
  • Lisa said she’s good at making Phad Thai (it is a stir-fried rice noodle dish commonly served as a street food and at casual local eateries in Thailand)
  • Lisa said she wants to try a hairstyle without bangs
  • Lisa drinks water first thing in the morning when she wakes up
  • Lisa wants to appear on a japanese show called “Toudaiou” (it’s a quiz variety show for college students who atends Tokyo university vs. Celebrities)
  • Lisa likes cute interiors (Lets remember how Lisa chose cute stuff for her bedroom in Blackpink House)
  • Lisa said she failed on buying a fur hat
  • Lisa thinks the way blinks talk is cute
  • Lisa said she usually plays nintendo and listens to music
  • Lisa said if she can’t sleep she faces the other side of her bed (like this one ?)
  • Lisa gets her energy from delicious foods
  • Lisa has two pets named Hunter and Tiga
  • Lisa said she learned korean through watching alot of dramas
  • Lisa said when she was a trainee she loves her Korean lessons
  • Lisa loves to do net shopping
  • Lisa said when she buys clothes she looks at it if it fits the trend or not first (lets rewatch how Lisa buys clothes in Lisa TV)
  • Lisa said she’s thankful to her mother for letting her attend dance classes and she also said she started rapping when she was a trainee
  • Lisa’s favorite place in Korea is hongdae
  • Lisa said she’s good at dancing and she said that she’s bad at staying still
  • Lisa said she can’t remember her exact eyesight
  • Lisa favorite manga is Tangled
  • Lisa said she tends to say “oh my god” alot (maybe we should make compilation of Lisa saying oh my god)

*This is summary so the translation may not be per question since if you count it one by one the total is not 100. Blink who translated it also said, “100 questions is done! I think everyone knows her nicknames and her family members so i didn’t translate it ~ @ultlalisasm” so some parts that Blinks knew are not translated.

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Scan magazine by @lots_a_ChaeYoon, @327_PERCENT; Japanese – English trans by @ultlalisasm; also adds some additional information inside brackets (…) to make the term clearer
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