Scan and Summary of BLACKPINK Lisa Interview Seventeen Japan Magazine

BLACKPINK UPDATE – June 1, 2018.

Blackpink Lisa was featured in Seventeen Japan Magazine July 2018 issue. Here is the scan magazine and summary of Blackpink Lisa interview with Seventeen Japan Magazine.

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Blackpink Lisa Seventeen Japan Magazine July 2018 issue

English translation of Blackpink Lisa Interview with Seventeen Japan Magazine by @ultlalisasm

Q: Do you have any specialty that we don’t know?

Lisa: I’m really good at dance but aside from that, I’m also good at playing the guitar

Q: Please tell us BLACKPINK’s charms!

Lisa: Just like the same as the group’s name, BLACKPINK has two different sides/charms

Q: Recommended place in Korea?

Lisa: If it’s Seoul you should go to Hongdae, there are alot of clothes, delicious foods, cafe and beauty shops and it’s also fun there!

Q: Whenever you come here in Japan, what is the place that you’ll definitely go? Do you have any favorite things?

Lisa: I like walking on the streets of Harajuku. Alot of our fans notice us and i’m happy about it.

I always buy facepack, lip cream and body lotion in Don Quixote. I also like “abura soba” and if I have time, I also buy Tokyo banana.

Q: It’s almost a year since you debuted here in Japan,looking back at it what do you think of your activities here?

Lisa: We barely even met our fans here but they remembered our songs, they also gives us great reactions during our performance. It feels surreal yet Im happy

Q: Please tell us if you have any commitments towards beauty

Lisa: My hair is not that strong so i use hair oil. I also apply hair treatment often. About my hairstyle, i sometimes consult my hairstylist about it, it also depends about my clothes that day. I also have a sensitive skin so i apply a low-irritative skincream and facepack.

Q: Your favorite fragrance?

Lisa: When i was a child,there was a flower called edelweiss that is blooming on Switzerland’s mountain and i like it’s fragrance.Aside from any flower fragrance,i also like the smell of coconuts!

When i want to refresh my head,i like to smell Thai’s herb item i also always brings it with me.

Q: What is your role inside BLACKPINK?

Lisa: A carefree/happy-go-lucky little brother Jisoo-san is the oldest sister, she’s the funniest and the moodmaker but she also gets serious when deciding things. Jennie-san is the one who organize the group when we’re slacking. She also makes us happy. Rosé-chan is the same age as me, she’s the harmony of the group and also my bestfriend.

Q: What are your concerns towards summer fashion?

Lisa: Berets trended again this spring! I always wear black clothes in sumner so i want to challenge myself to wear colorful ones.The brand that i model,Nonagon’s baby pink jacket,t-shirts and shortpants are my favorites. It’s all pink so i thought it didn’t go well but when i wore it,it was actually quite cute!

Q:What is your goals from now on?

Lisa: I want to give my all on BLACKPINK’s activities.I also want to release an album and i want to meet our fans during concerts too.Just like this time,i also love to do a fashion photoshoot here in Japan. I get to learn Japan’s styles and i also want to do alot of photoshoots

Q: What are the things that you’re into lately?

Lisa: I listen to Kehlani’s songs alot.I also watch alot of america’s dramas and im into “stranger things” lately.

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What are the things you do on private? “My members and I often eat meat outside. We eat anything! Aside from that, we also often watch comedy/romance movies. But lately, my aunt sends me a variety show dvd 『Brain King 2018』and it was funny”

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