Rosé is All Smiles Coming to Bookstore to Find Her DAZED Magazine

BLACKPINK UPDATE – September 23, 2019 KST.

Fans spotted Rosé went to bookstore to find DAZED Magazine with her cover. Likely this moment happened today, when she was at the airport heading to Paris to attend Saint Laurent fashion show at Paris Fashion Week.

Rosé went to a bookstore to find DAZED magazines but she was told it hasn’t arrived yet. She and her manager were flustered & smiled embarrassedly like this (pic above) while saying “we came all the way here to see the magazines..”

Rosé also didnt know that she wrote “fansign” instead of “fanmeet” on her instagram story and when she knew, she said “it’s not me if (it’s me) I don’t make a mistake”

Yesterday was our first fansigning (I think Rosé meant to say fanmeeting) and I was really happy to be able to make many memories with our Korean BLINK.
Thank you for always being by our side, cheering on for us, I love you!
Let’s meet again~ ❤️
– English Translation by @poopheyy

What a joke Rosé ya, you are the one who always makes typo 😂(*and other mistakes) 🤣

Meanwhile, in her interview with DAZED Korea Magazine, Rosé said she has news that will be shared in the near future. “Im the type that hides secret well, you may look forward to it”

Read her full Interview here: Rosé To Star The New Cover of DAZED KOREA Magazine October 2019 Issue

  1. love youuuuuu

  2. Love you

  3. I actually find it funny that Rosé made a typo. Also I’m crying because I couldn’t go to the fan meet. I BLINKs unite!!

  4. That perfect smile, my gosh! 💕 Rosé you are such a jewel!

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