Rosé Birthday Project: Now You Can Send Your Personal Gift to Rosé


February 11 will be a special day for BLACKPINK Rosé. To celebrate her birthday, one of Rosé biggest fansite masternim, @firstlove_rose, opens a project for BLINKs to join. You can send message and even personal gifts and hand written letters to Rosé.

If you are interested to join, please check the details instruction below!

Here are @firstlove_rose gifts for BLACKPINK Rosé birthday in February 11, 2018:

Aside from Birthday support, @firstlove_rose is also very active for any Rosé support projects, such as:

and many more.

If you are interested to send your personal gift and message to Rosé during her birthday. You can DM @firstlove_rose on Twitter or send email to Please check again the instruction above!

*For any fansite masternim or fanbase who want to share BLACKPINK project in our website feel free to contact us at We are here to help and spread the news ❤️

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  1. I would like to send you a great gift with the detail that my birthday is also February 11th and I would love it for a birthday gift to reach her.PD: Im mexican girl, 😊

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