Read BLACKPINK Members Message from Private Stage Photocard

BLACKPINK UPDATE – September 21, 2019 KST.

BLACKPINK members wrote message on photocard from BLACKPINK Private Stage Official Merch. Read English Translation of their message for BLINKs below!

BLINK 💕I’m really happy and excited that we are able to make even more precious memories together for our 3rd year anniversary 🖤Let’s always care for each other Love you and thank you always, – JISOO

– English Translation by @poopheyy

BLINK ♡ It has already been 3 years since we’ve been together I feel proud and happy to see us growing together Let’s make pretty memories together in the future too To our BLINKs whom I always miss Let’s spend the day today unforgettably too ♡ – JENNIE

– English Translation by @poopheyy

Are our BLINKs doing well?
I’ve missed you guys a~lot during this time ~T.T
But there’s a really happy news to be happy about!
We’re doing a fanmeeting so we get the chance to see everyone a lot!
For BLINKs to have a great time, we prepared a little~ So let’s make great memories together!! I love you a lot BLINK! – ROSÉ –

– English Translation by @poopheyy

I’ll remember our first fanmeeting for a really long time and I hope that we will make great memories together!!
Please enjoy the performances that we’ve prepared! I’m always thankful~ Please be with us “BLACKPINK” for a long time~♡♡♡
From. LISA 🙂

– English Translation by @poopheyy

Author: Annie Park

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