Press Conference: BLACKPINK 2019 World Tour in Bangkok, Thailand

BLACKPINK UPDATE – January 9, 2019.

BLACKPINK held press conference on January 9, 2019 for BLACKPINK 2019 World Tour with KIA in Bangkok, Thailand. There will be 3 consecutive days concert on January 11, 12, and 13, 2019.

Press Conference Summary

Here is BLACKPINK press conference summary by @TofuPopRadio:

Who addicted to SNS the most?

All! Coz we can closely communicate with fans on SNS, so we try to update SNS more often

BLACKPINK fashion secret

Jennie: don’t afraid to try. Try as many different style as you possible

Jennie: It’s an honor to collaborate with Dua Lipa and hope to work with more world class artists in the future

If you have a chance to film a show in Thailand again where would it be ?

Rosé : Phuket! Lisa said we can see dolphin there

Jisoo: I wanna eat Rotee again. It’s so delicious the last time I tried in Samui

Rose: Kicking off world tour in Thailand as the first stop is even more meaningful as it’s Lisa’s hometown

Jisoo: so glad to perform in Lisa’s hometown

Lisa: I always wanting to perform in Thailand even before debut. I can’t wait to put on a great stage for everyone

To fans :

Lisa: this is the first time meeting Thai BLINK we’ll try our best and won’t let you down. Hope BLINK Will be with us forever

Jen: we’ve been talking since trainee days of what it’s be to hold concert in Thailand. And now dream comes true !

Jisoo also said that she’s happy to see BLINK in many different places coz not only in Asia but this tour, they are going to US/Canada and now, the world could hear more of BLACKPINK music

BLACKPINK Group Photos at Press Conference in Bangkok

Jisoo at Bangkok Press Conference

Jennie at Bangkok Press Conference

Rosé at Bangkok Press Conference

Lisa at Bangkok Press Conference

  1. I hope blackpink have a concert on mizoram or India near thailand …… Plzzzzzz

  2. Me too i wanna be a blackpink member too

  3. Reply
    amry_of_blinks-blinking_army January 10, 2019 at 1:10 AM

    I love BLACKPINK… I wish they have a concert in Serbia…

  4. I hope Blankpink will have concert also here in the Philippines. Looking forward with that. 😍💕

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