PopSockets Korea CEO Thanks Jennie for Making Daisy Grip Holder Viral

BLACKPINK UPDATE – March 27, 2019.

CEO of PopSockets Korea thanks Jennie for using their daisy grip holder which made it went viral and resulted in many people looking for the product

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PopSockets sold 6 million pieces (monthly) for all smart phone grips type, including the daisy PopSockets that is well knows as Jennie grip in Korea.

“Since last year, a growing number of people looking for the product as BLACKPINK member Jennie has been frequently spotted using PopSockets daisy model.”

CEO of PopSockets, Lee Namsoo said “I am really grateful that Jennie has created a viral effect while using it”

Jennie has posted many photos on Instagram using daisy PopSockets, when we take a look at Instagram folder, she started using this daisy grip holder in June 2018.

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Author: Annie Park

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