Please Be Respectful, Someone Threw Letter to Jennie at Paris Airport

BLACKPINK UPDATE – September 30, 2019 KST.

BLACKPINK Jennie arrived at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport on September 29, 2019 local time to attend CHANEL show at Paris Fashion Week on October 1, 2019 local time.

She landed safely

But the incident happened after that, she was mobbed by the crowd on her way out of the airport. She obviously looked uncomfortable being pushed and blocked like this.

Jennie took some letters from fans before getting into the car, but someone from back area threw a letter to her and hit her back. Even though it’s not harmful, please learn about the etiquette.

We know that everyone wants to hand their letter, but please do it nicely with respect. If you give space and let her walks comfortably, they can take the letter and gift too. Another alternative is by collecting all fans letter into one box and hand it to BLACKPINK at the airport.

This is not the first time, someone threw something to Jennie. During BLACKPINK world tour, someone threw plushy to her and almost hit her face, you can clearly see how she was annoyed by that attitude. Later on she asked everyone to stop throwing thing to the stage.

Maybe next time, they should be guarded like this for their own safety. Please be nice and respectful, not only to Jennie but also to all BLACKPINK members.

Author: Annie Park

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  1. Pls.. Dont be harmful to jennie and jennie ‘s hater’s why do hate jennie ? FYI blackpink have a good heart and they love us blink even somebody hates them they still love them

  2. I just can’t believe, Jisoo had zero bodyguards, Jennie also like 2 guys are not enough, Lisa had 10 of them LMAO what is wrong with Burberry and Chanel like they don’t care even if they could know easily that Blinks will storm the airport to see them… Rosé was protected if I recall right?…. 😤

    1. Also gota mention Thai Blinks, everyone should take them as best example on how to act when pinks shows up…

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