Oh Yoon Ah Shares New Photo with BLACKPINK Lisa & Other Real Men Casts

BLACKPINK UPDATE – August 2, 2018.

Oh Yoon Ah, South Korean actress and a former racing model, posted new photo with BLACKPINK Lisa and other Real Men 3 cast members on her Instagram, ya9579.

Barefaced Lisa looks so cute, like a baby. See the photo below!

BLACKPINK Lisa Real Men 3 wearing uniform

BLACKPINK Lisa also uploaded new photos on her Instagram, lalalalisa_m

걱정 많이 했죠~? 블링크!!!
라리사 마노반 돌아왔습니다!!!!

You guys were really worried right~?

BLINK!!! Lalisa Manoban is back!!!!

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English translation by @poopheyy

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Author: Annie Park

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