New Reality Show: [24/365 with BLACKPINK] Prologue⁣

BLACKPINK UPDATE – June 13, 2020

BLACKPINK released new reality show [24/365 with BLACKPINK] on June 13, 2020.

” 블링크🖤 저희 첫 리얼리티 영상이 공개됐어요! 24시간 365일 함께해용💕⁣”

“BLINK🖤 Our first reality show episode is out now! We’re always with you guys 24/365 💕”

BLACKPINK Members shared more behind the scenes photos on Instagram and VLIVE CH+

Watch the full video below!

Things we knew from BLACKPINK Reality Show [24/365 with BLACKPINK] Episode “Prologue”

1). Rosé said she will change her hair color soon.

When introducing herself Rose said, “I’m still blond, but i’ll soon be changing it. But I’m still not sure how to change it”

2). Lisa introduced herself using her “strict mentor” style.

3). Rosé said,”I’ve noticed she is even scarier when she talks in Thai

4). Jisoo revealed Lisa quotable sentence, “There is no need to be sorry to me, you should be sorry to your members”

5). Jennie explained about her leg incident during workout. She said, “We havent done much activities because of social distancing right, as summer was approaching, I wanted to look fit, so I was working really hard on my hips. But on the very first day, yeah I couldnt blame anyone but myself because I tripped over my own legs. Luckily, It wasnt fracture but they think I pulled a muscle, so I had to wear soft case. It’s more than a month now and I’m in the process of healing. Guys be careful too, too much is never good idea”

6). BLACKPINK Comeback Spoilers: Rosé gives spoiler about BLACKPINK song vibe and she describes it’s like a cat. Jennie on the other hand, said the song is more like king kong. Jisoo said, maybe its a mixed of two. Jennie said, it reminds her of the part where king kong goes up the building and screams. Jisoo also said, that this song is more hip that shows their swag


7). BLACKPINK Reality Show Name idea: Rosé “Behind The Pinks”, Jisoo “BLACKPINK Log”, Lisa “24/365 With BLACKPINK”, Jennie “BLACKPINK is?”

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