New Blackpink House Teaser, Are Blackpink Jisoo and Rose Roommates?

Blinkeu nyeongan!

Aahhh we are so happy. It’s very satisfying to know that Blackpink gives us so many updates today. We are soft 😭 💖

Just couple minutes ago, all BLACKPINK Official accounts posted new Blackpink House Teaser. A teaser that gives us more hints about Blackpink house or Blackpink TV show.

Previously, they posted Blackpink House Jisoo-Jennie version on November 23, 2017. And now, we got Blackpink House Rose-Lisa version on December 3, 2017.

Blackpink Rose and Lisa opens the 0:51 duration teaser with cute dubbing conversation from kwaii app. Followed by a view of Blackpink house from above, and their first moment coming to the house. They looks so surprised and they like their new house so much.

There are scenes showing the cute and sweet moments of Blackpink Jennie and Lisa in the same room. So we can assume that they are likely roommates. Wow congrats for Jenlisa (Jennie and Lisa) shippers .

Meanwhile, if Jennie and Lisa are roommates so Blackpink Jisoo and Rose are likely roommates too. Aahhh finally, we can see vocal lines stay in the same room. The cute and innocent Chaeng will live together with cute and funny Jisoo. There will be so much laughs 😍

Besides, Blackpink Jisoo is such a neat freak too. We cant imagine how innocent Chaeng will be in the same room with neat freak Jisoo. But it is also a good advantage for Chaeng since Jisoo will make sure their room stay clean and tidy kkkkk 😝

This Chaesoo (Chaeng/Rose and Jisoo) roommates thing remind us on their Lee Hongki’s Kiss The Radio interview. When Chaeng told a shocking story about Jisoo’s neat freak moment.

At that time, Blackpink Rose was in her room and she slightly hit something, and some objects were moved a bit on the table. Blackpink Jisoo came over (instead of asking Chaeng are you ok), but she came to fix something on the table (to match the angles) so the objects will be in the exact position like before.

Blackpink Rose, “Unnie what are you doing? Could it be that you are matching the angles of these?”

Blackpink Jisoo then answered, “yes.” 😂

Hahahaha they will be so cute 😍 Dear mid December 2017, Please come, we cant wait for Blackpink TV 😭

Blinks, you can watch Blackpink full interview with Lee Hongki’s Kiss The Radio in English Subtitle here. Thanks for pinkblacksubs for subbing this show 🤗

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