Lost in Jenga Game, Rosé Keeps Her Promise to Share Unreleased Photos

BLACKPINK UPDATE – August 8, 2018.

BLACKPINK Rosé is keeping her promise after she lost in Jenga game during BLACKPINK 2nd Anniversary Eve VLIVE on August 7, 2018. During the game, whoever lost the game, they have to post unreleased photos.

And here you go, 4 unreleased photos from BLACKPINK Rosé.

1). This photo comes from Jennie-Rosé-Lisa vlive visiting dog cafe. You can watch the full video here

2). This photo comes from BLACKPINK Japan Mini Album

3). This photo comes from BLACKPINK House hidden camera project to surprise fan

4). Baby Rosé Fishing

Rosé doesnt stop just by sharing 4 unreleased photos. She then posted 4 more photos:

1). This photo comes from BLACKPINK House Koh Samui Island Episode

2). BLACKPINK Rosé eating oyster

3). This photo comes from BLACKPINK Rosé behind the scenes Fantastic Duo 2 Ep. 19, she was with BTOB Yook Sungjae and musical actor, Son Jun Ho. You can watch the full video with English subtitle here: Fantastic Duo Season 2 Episode 19

4). This photo is from behind the scene BLACKPINK Good Bye Stage performance on MBC Music Core on August 4, 2018.

Thank you Rosé ya, you need to release 4 photos but give us 8, thats really sweet of  you 💖

Author: Annie Park

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