Lisa To Be A Mentor in Chinese Survival Show ‘Qing Chun You Ni’

BLACKPINK UPDATE – October 15, 2019 KST.

BLACKPINK Lisa confirmed to be a new mentor in Chinese Survival Show ‘Qing Chun You Ni’ season 2 (青春有你2), also known as Nian Shao You Ni (年少有你). iQiyi posted the news on their Weibo account.

English Translation of iQiyi weibo post by @rosiechords

青春有你 Season 2 official announcement today Welcoming Mentor Lisa! An international all-rounder idol who can sing and dance, LISA, has turned into a mentor, let’s anticipate Mentor Lisa’s first appearance on Chinese variety show~

English Translation from the video above by @rosiechords

“青春 producers,
hello everyone. I’m Lisa. This time I’ll be joining 青春有你 Season 2, becoming a mentor.”

Q: Since the previous mentors are good, do you have any new ways (as a mentor)?
Lisa: What? Are u testing me?

Lisa: There’s one actually. Girls dance usually incorporate a lot of Wave moves, the main point is to look good and attractive on stage. I would like to announce my first Mentor Mission: The Wave Challenge

Q: Are you confident to become a good mentor?
Lisa: Confidence is this big, Lisa jiayou! (Cheers)

Q: Lastly, do you think it’s hard to learn Mandarin?
Lisa: it’s too difficult

Idol Producer (Season 2) (Chinese: 青春有你; pinyin: Qīngchūn yǒu nǐ) is the second season of the Chinese survival show, Idol Producer, premiered in January 21, 2019, on iQiyi.

The show is presented by Lay Zhang, with Li Ronghao, Jolin Tsai, MC Jin, The8 (Xu Minghao), and ‘After Journey’ serving as the coaches. The show will first bring 100 trainees from different entertainment agencies, and finally, only nine of all trainees will be selected through viewers’ votes. On April 6, 2019, the last nine contestants debuted as Unine.

Although Idol Producer (Season 2) changed its name to “Youth with You” in Chinese, it still has the same producers and process of competition as Idol Producer.

  1. my favorite members are :Rose,Lisa, and Jennie.

  2. lisa is the best when it comes to dancing:D

  3. Lisa is the best, can’t waite love this

  4. Wow I am so excited to look it

  5. Doesn’t Lisa speak some Chinese? I’ve alway assumed it was Mandarin.

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