BLACKPINK Lisa Greets Fans For The First Time on Weibo

BLACKPINK UPDATE – January 18, 2020 KST.

BLACKPINK Lisa posted new post for the first time on her Weibo Official Account, @lalalalisa_m.

“Hi Weibo Fans! This is Lisa. I created the account for our closer communication. Hope to see you guys often. Happy new year. Love you guys.”

Link to Lisa Official Weibo Account:

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When did Lisa create Weibo account?

BLACKPINK Lisa revealed her official Weibo account to public on January 11, 2020. Previously, she used lisalisalisa_ as username, but now she changed it to @lalalalisa_m. Now, her follower has surpassed 745k, BLINKs lets follow Lisa on Weibo!

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  1. Her pronunciation in chinese is so good lol didnt expect it

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