Lets Take A Look at BLACKPINK Dance Practice Room at YG Entertainment

BLACKPINK UPDATE – June 11, 2018

Andrew Oh visited YG Entertainment and shared a short video of Blackpink dance practice room.

He then wrote long caption:

I always expected Blinks to be quite creative, but I was more than pleasantly surprised by your amazing guesses👍👍👍 I got a lot of very innovative and ‘out of the box’ answers (along with precise correct answers) and thank you again for showing such kind interests for the New Abum from the Blackpink 😊
Here are the answers to the Hints for your reading pleasure:
-All members of the Blackpink looked at these signs on this door for the past few months -> Blackpink’s exclusive dance practice room at YG Entertainment H.Q. -Beyond this door, there are very friendly looking ladies with home style cooked foodies -> The Famous YG Cafeteria is right outside the Practice Room😛 -Inside this door…Lalisa, Chaeyoung, Jisoo and Jennie **e*t together -> SWEAT
It is now almost time for all the hard efforts and sweats to be paid off…both for the and queens and Blinks!!! Let us show our support by purchasing their materials through all he official channels👍👍👍 🐧

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