Lets Get To Know More Each BLACKPINK Members Charms and Strengths

BLACKPINK UPDATE – July 1, 2018.

YTN News via NAVER posted an article about each of BLACKPINK members charms and strengths. Here is the original article:

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Oldest unnie, Jisoo is the lead vocal of the group. There are no leaders in BLACKPINK. But Jisoo’s leadership is shown during the stage or in conferences. Jisoo solves the member’s mistakes and difficulties, trying to stabilize the team

Jisoo started being a trainee from 2011 July. In August 2016, she started shooting with iKon on uniform advertisements, showing off her visuals. Although Jisoo has a pretty face, her voice is attractively husky.


It’s not exaggerating to say Rosé has the most attractive voice in BLACKPINK. Taking on main vocals, Rosé’s vocals is like BLACKPINK’s signature. Just listening to her voice, you will know it’s a BLACKPINK song.

Rosé is not only main vocal, but she is also the team’s lead dancer. With her 168cm, refreshing body, Rosé shows off her dancing body line. She also have had experience in cheerleading. Because of this discipline, she can digest perfectly the sexy group dance.


You can say Jennie is the hottest member in BLACKPINK. Through her SNS, Jennie’s lovely visuals and her perfect body, not only has male fans, but also makes female fans’ heart flutter.

Through her artist promotions, she gains a lot of attention through her various hairstyles and fashion. Especially, all of Jennie’s clothes are digested very sophisticated and attractively, thus she has the nickname called, ‘Human Chanel.’

From 10 years old, she studied abroad for five years in New Zealand. It was there, she gained interest in music, and came back to Korea to start her trainee days in YG.


The team’s foreign member is Lisa, who is from Thailand. In BLACKPINK, she boasts the best body ratio with her refreshing dance body line that makes BLACKPINKs performances more cool. With her barbie-like visuals, Lisa receives a lot of love from her fans.

Jisoo, one of the members, the two of them get along well together like real sisters. Lisa entered the 2010 YG audition in Thailand, and from the age of 14, she started being a trainee to fulfil her artist dream.

In her team, she is the main dancer but also has a distinct medium – low range voice has a lead rapper.

English translation and summary from the article above by @RoseanneParkLuv

blackpink jisoo naver article


JISOO = lead vocalist + oldest of BLACKPINK

– No official leader in BLACKPINK but you can often see her leadership during official appearances

– Works to solve problems for her members

– In charge of answering most of the Qs during press conference

– Started training since July 2011

– In 2016, Jisoo filmed a school uniform CF + showed her outstanding visual since predebut

– Has a pretty face but has a husky voice

– Received casting opportunity from SM

– Excellent in both visual and singing

– Her 4D personality makes her more charming

blackpink rose naver article


= the most charming voice in BLACKPINK

– Main vocalist

– Her voice is like the signature voice of BLACKPINK

– People recognize that it’s BLACKPINK’s song through her voice

– Born in New Zealand and lived in Australia

– In YG audition, she sang “I won’t give up” by Jason Mraz + got #1 out of 700 contestants

 is also the lead dancer

– With the height of 168cm, she dances swiftly with long legs/arms

– Has cheerleading experience

– Can dance to powerful/sexy choreo

– Korean name is Park Chaeyoung

– Dual citizen ship: Korea + New Zealand

– Proficient in English, Japan, Korean

blackpink jennie naver article


Jennie receiving her attention for fashion & hairstyle

– Earned her title as Human Chanel with her classy looks

– Jennie might sound like s stage name but it’s her real name

– Many think she is a foreigner because of her name + exotic looks

– Can speak 3 languages

– studied in New Zealand for 5 years since she was 10

– Started having interest in music there + came back to Korea because of music

– Was featured in Lee Hi, Seungri, GD’s albums

– Jennie = Main rapper + sub vocalist

– Her powerful rap & vocals are her weapons

blackpink lisa naver article

Lisa is Thai, the only foreigner of BLACKPINK

– Good body proportions + dance moves

– Barbie visual

– “Free soul” of BP

– Like a real sister of Jisoo – they’re close but fans often catch them fighting with each other

– The only contestant who passed the 2010 YG audition in Thailand

– started training since she was 14

– She has great dance skills

– Lead rapper + main dancer

– Her voice is boyish yet unique

– Charming low tone voice

You can know more about BLACKPINK by following their social media:


BLACKPINK OFFICIAL: blackpinkofficial

Jisoo : sooyaaa__

Jennie : jennierubyjane

Rosé : roses_are_rosie

Lisa : lalalalisa_m


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