The Last Day of BLACKPINK Japan Arena Tour 2018, Photos and Videos

BLACKPINK UPDATE – August 26, 2018

Today, August 26, 2018, is the last day (day 7) of BLACKPINK Japan Arena Tour 2018 held at Makuhari Messe, Chiba, Japan.

Here are fantaken photos, videos and translation of fan account from BLACKPINK Japan Arena Tour 2018 in Chiba, the last day:


Photos by @TsuKa1022@firstlove_rose@PaintItPink_JS@PaintItBlack_JN@masaki_k_pop@TadyDotComgahee_v

Translation of fan account


Jennie still wore high heels during the start (but did wear flats later on) She looked as if nothing happened and even ran on stage 💔 Jennie did the cupid heart and everyone screamed There’s a female fan who kept screaming loudly when it came to Jennie 😂


There’s a male fan who was near the stage, who kept giving Jennie flying kisses and said something to her. She purposely threw him a small present but it got taken but someone behind him 😒 The male fan said it’s alright, but Jennie gave him another one


Jennie speaking english gave the fan the feels, especially when she forgot how to speak in Japanese and uses English to explain. Towards the end Jennie said “We have quite little number of songs and seems it isn’t enough” 😂


Rosé did much better for her Japanese during her short ment before her solo, she must’ve put in lots of effort into practising for it During Eyes Nose Lips, there’s a part where it goes Saranghae~ and then everyone shouted along “Saranghae!~”

[TRANS] FANACC 5 Rosé Jennie

There was lots of Chaennie moments today.. Rosé took the imitative to hug Jennie many times 🙈 While singing Really, Rosé put her arms over Jennie’s shoulder for a really long time and even took a chance and kissed Jennie 😳


Seems like Lisa’s throat wasn’t in the best condition today 😔 But she still performed really strongly, till the best of her abilities 👌🏼 The usually weird Lisa, rapped today and her eyes’ expression was really really cool and handsome


Lisa helped Jennie off the stairs, probably afraid that she might fall again At the end when they said that the concert was ending, Lisa said “But this isn’t the last with BLINKs~” Lisa also said “BLACKPINK isn’t possible if we aren’t 4”


Jisoo was holding onto a Krunk merch and saw that Jennie didn’t have anything in her hand so she offered it to Jennie to throw it to the fans Jennie said it’s okay and asked Jisoo to do it but Jisoo ended up holding Jennie’s hand and they threw it together

all fan account credits to: Miss Rosé Mei on Weibo

English translation by @poopheyy


Video by @BIGbang10222

Video by @dominiquellen via @HM199567

Video by @BIGbang10222

Video by @BIGbang10222

Video by @BIGbang10222

Video by @dominiquellen via @muaylekbp

Video by @BLACKPINK_Bar

Video by @squareblackpink

Video by @squareblackpink

Video by @squareblackpink

Video by @squareblackpink

Video by @squareblackpink

Video by @squareblackpink

Video by @record211

Video by @record211

Video by @record211

Video by @record211

Video by @record211

Thank you BLACKPINK and all BLINKs who came to BLACKPINK Japan Arena Tour 2018. Seriously, you guys rock! 🤘🏼😍

Last but not least, thank you so much to all masternims who shared these precious photos and videos, as international BLINKs we are really thankful. Because of your hardwork, we are able to see the wonderful pink ocean and performances from our queens, thank you so so much 😭

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