KBS Bans BLACKPINK Kill This Love MV Due to Traffic Law Violation

BLACKPINK UPDATE – April 25, 2019.

KBS bans BLACKPINK Kill This Love music video for broadcasting due to traffic law violation.

According to Koreaboo, KBS recently shared their music video deliberation results for the fourth week of April, one of which was the disqualification of BLACKPINK hit MV, “Kill This Love”.

Since KBS has been known to be quite strict in terms of regulations, the disqualification might not have been too surprising to some, but what is catching many netizens off guard is the fact that the reason for its disqualification was traffic law violation.

In order to uncover the reason behind the MV’s disqualification, it appears that netizens have been looking through the MV and suspecting that it might have to do with Rosé‘s driving scene.

You can watch the details here:

Last year, during BLACKPINK Square Up comeback, KBS also banned BLACKPINK “See U Later.” It has been deemed unfit due to cursing, slang and vulgar expressions.

Lets see BLINKS reaction to this issue:

  1. […] the dance practice video for the same song was released on BlackPink’s official YouTube channel. KBS banned the music video for violating Korea’s Road Traffic Law. Why? Because there is a scene in the video where Rose is driving a car at high speed without […]

  2. Now Blackpink is the Qeen of k-pop girls group. KBS station who disliked YG company but they want world intrend with Blackpink this is that them way.😢😢😢 So sad wiht them

  3. I dont understand to…why that kbs after 4 weeks…made drama out of the kill of love Mv…? Why not earlier…its must be something fissy behind this…n I Dont think Kbs being wise…n its seem purposely want to bring the girls down….why? You netizen of korean should be proud of them…the artist k.op its concorning the west…its realyy strange reaction from Kbs…

  4. Matters very little. Korea is basically irrelevant to Blackpink now. They’re selling out the US, Canada, the EU and Australia. Have multiple shows scheduled for Japan that will be doubt sell out. Spending time worrying about Korea is just a waste of time and money at this point. They’re not even scheduled for another promotion or concert in Korea, they’ve basically become too big to waste time on that small, low population country.

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