Jisoo Took Big Teddy Bear and Letters from BLINKs at Heathrow Airport, London

BLACKPINK UPDATE – September 18, 2019 KST.

BLACKPINK Jisoo was spotted at Heathrow Airport, London on September 17, 2019 local time, heading back to Seoul after attending Burberry Fashion Show on September 16, 2019: Jisoo at Burberry London Fashion Week September 2019

Jisoo took the letters while making her way into the airport

Teddy Bear is safe now, it gets into Jisoo’s suitcase

She looks happy seeing BLINKs at the airport

She even read the letter right away 😱

Have a safe flight Sooyaa, See you 👋🏻

  1. I want Jisoo big Teddy bear and is the teddy bear brand new??

  2. I hope Jisoo doesn’t take anything big like that again at an airport. It’s too risky. What if the person put something illegal inside the teddy bear like weapons or drugs? She could be in a really big trouble, then.

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