Jisoo Thanks BLINKs and Team After BLACKPINK Japan Arena Tour 2018

BLACKPINK UPDATE – August 26, 2018.

BLACKPINK Jisoo wrote long thank you message on Instagram for BLINKs and BLACKPINK Team after the last day of BLACKPINK Japan Arena Tour 2018 held in Makuhari Messe, Chiba, Japan on August 26, 2018

To all of the BLINKs who came to BLACKPINK’s first arena tour 💕 

Thank you so so much 🦋

It was our first concert, and so we were lacking in many things, and there were many regrettable parts, but thanks to BLINKs, each moment was a happy one, and we were able to gain strength on stage.

Thanks to BLINKs who always give us so much, we’ve once again firmed up our resolve to always do our best. We want to show our best selves, and so it makes us work harder.

Thank you 💖

I hope we get another great opportunity to show you our performances up close soon ☺️

Everyone worked hard for this concert. Our crazy team unnies, BLACKPINK’s hair and makeup stylists, our manager oppas, and all of the staff in Japan and Korea 😆

And more than anything, our BLINKs 💖 We love you❤️

#BLACKPINKMembersWe’veAllWorkedHardlLove YouMost

English Translation by @black2dpink824 (The Japanese message is almost exactly the same as the Korean one)

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🖤BLACKPINK ARENA TOUR 2018💖 BLACKPINK 의 첫 아레나 투어 콘서트에 와줬던 모든 블링크분들💕 너무 너무 감사합니다 🦋 첫 콘서트여서 부족하고 여러모로 아쉬운 점들도 있었지만 블링크 덕분에 매 순간이 행복했고, 무대 위에서 더 힘이 났던 것 같아요 언제나 저희에게 많은 것을 주는 블링크 덕분에 항상 더 열심히 해야겠다고 다시 다짐하게 되고 좋은 모습을 보여드리고 싶어서 노력하게 되는 것 같아요 감사합니다💖 얼른 또 좋은 기회로 가까이서 많은 무대 보여드릴 수 있으면 좋겠어요 ☺️ 이번 콘서트 모두 수고하셨습니다 crazy team 언니들도, 블핑헤메스팀 , 매니저 오빠들도, 그리고 모든 일본, 한국 스텝분들 😆 그리고 무엇보다 우리 블링크 💖 사랑합니다❤️ . BLACKPINKの初アリーナツアーコンサートに来てくださった全てのBLINKの皆さん💕 本当にありがとうございます🦋 初めてのコンサートだったので足りない部分も沢山ありましたが、BLINKの皆さんのおかげで毎瞬間が幸せだったし、ステージの上でもっと力を出せました。 いつも私たちに多くのものを与えてくれるBLINKの存在があるからこそ、もっと頑張らなきゃと思うようになるし、もっといい姿を見せるために頑張るっていると思います。 ありがとうございます💖 できるだけ早く、近くて良いステージをお見せしたいと思います 皆さん、今回のコンサートお疲れ様でした。 Crazyの姉さんたちも、ヘアメイクチーム、マネージャーの兄さんたちも、そして全ての日本、韓国のスタッフの皆さん そして何よりも私たちのBLINK💖 愛してます❤️ #BLACKPINK멤버분들다들너무수고했고제일사랑해#💕

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