[QUIZ] How Well Do You Understand Jennie Instagram Live with BLACKPINK Members, GD & Teddy


Previously, you have watched Jennie Instagram live on May 2, 2020 KST with Jisoo, Rosé, Lisa, G Dragon and Producer Teddy in the studio for unboxing Jentle Home, collaboration of Jennie and Gentle Monster.

Now, let’s take a quiz to test your understanding after watching the Jennie Live video above.

Where did Jennie IG Live Take Place?
What is the purpose of Jennie Instagram Live?
Will you get that giant pink box if you buy Jennie x Gentle Monster sunglasses?
Question Image
Who is the guy wearing a white mask?
Question Image
Who is That Guy Next to Rosé?
Question Image
BLACKPINK will have a comeback soon, many fans are expecting to see the members with new hair color. Since Rosé loves to wear beanie lately, some are joking about Rosé wearing beanie with a wig to cover her new hair color. Do you believe that?
Question Image
Whose crutches are those in the video?
Question Image
Check Your Score!
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How’s your result BLINK? Let us know in the comment below!


Author: Annie Park

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