Here is The Summary of BLACKPINK Interview with QQ Music China

BLACKPINK UPDATE – July 19, 2018.

QQ Music China released interview video with BLACKPINK through their Weibo account. Watch English Subtitle Video of BLACKPINK Interview with QQ Music China, English subtitle by poopheyy

Here is the summary of BLACKPINK Interview with QQ Music China by @jenjisoos

Jennie: my dog is very cute

Lisa: huh what does that mean?

Jennie: it’s a secret we’ll tell u later

Jisoo: ahh our dogs are very cute.. i like hotpot

Lisa: oh!! you said ‘i like hotpot’ right?

Rosé: I am Chaeyoung are your parents in good health?

Lisa: what was it?.. i like you

Jisoo: IN THAT MOVIE (our times)


Jennie: xu taiyu

Rosé : xu taiyu xuTAIYU XU TAIYU

Jisoo: i like you~

Member that is most different off stage?

Everyone points to Lisa

Jisoo: off stage she is filled with happy virus but on stage she is filled with charisma virus [Lisa acts cool]

Lisa: how am i? aren’t i cool

Jisoo: we’re off stage now so you’re still happy virus

Member that cries the most?

everyone points to Rosé

Jisoo: tears queen when do you cry?

Rosé: just when I am happy, sad, excited and when I am eating its weird these days when I eat delicious food my tears just come out

Member with the most aegyo?

Jennie➡️ Rosé

Rosé ➡️ Jisoo

Jisoo ➡️ Lisa

Lisa ➡️ Rosé

Rosé: Jisoo has a lot of aegyo even when she dance

Jisoo: a weird aegyo

Rosé: it’s a special aegyo

Jisoo: when Lisa is speaking she already have aegyo

When going out to play who is good at planning the outing?

Everyone points to jennie

Jisoo: search king!

Jennie: I admit. i like it. no matter where we go the day before i will search about the place well and then tell the members about it.

Jisoo: we dislike to waste time and dislike being hungry. if we don’t want to eat undelicious food we will just go with jennie and it’s guaranteed that we can eat delicious food.

Widget not in any sidebars

What are each other’s strong points?

Jennie: Jisoo’s strong point is her beautiful visual. even when she’s not doing anything she’s still shining

Jisoo: Rosé’s strong point is when she speaks she’s like doing aegyo but when she sings she has an attractive charming vocal color

Rosé: Lisa is able to make people around her to feel comfortable and warm. sometimes when you are having a hard time she will be by your side listening to you

Lisa: Jennie has a strong leadership, like Jisoo said before wherever we go she will plan it well. i’m envious about that

Jisoo: wo men ai ni men (we love you guys)

Chaelisa: W-WOW OH WOW

*Thanks to @jenjisoos for creating this summary

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