Hats Off, Blackpink Jisoo Best Hat Styles Moments

Blackpink Jisoo is known for her simple yet elegant fashion style. Wearing t-shirt pairs with long or short pant is one of her favorite. She usually upgrades her simple look by adding hat as a topper and the result is amazing. Yeah of course, hats have always been in fashion, nothing elevates an outfit quite like the right hat.

So, If you are one of those people who might think, “Hats? Nope! I am not a hat girl. I can’t pull off any hats, they dont look good on me.” Well, we feel you guys, but let’s not stop it right there.

Here are 10 best Blackpink Jisoo hat style moments that may change your mind. Scroll down, find some inspiration, and be ready to find jaw-dropping photos of Blackpink Jisoo wearing hats!

1). When she cutely wears bunny bowler hat

This beautiful singer and television host knows that fashion ain’t too serious. She can have fun with it. Every time fans give her cute accessories, she eagerly and happily wears it to embellish her outfit.

On Sunday, December 17, 2017, as usual, Blackpink Jisoo left SBS Inkigayo and greeted Blinks (fans) who already waited for her outside the building. One fan gave her a cute Disney Judy Hopps bowler hat with ears. And here you go, Blackpink Jisoo matched her faux shearling coat with that cute bunny bowler hat. OMG! She looks completely pretty and cute at the same time. 😍

2). When she adorably wears baseball cap

On November 20, 2016, Blackpink Jisoo stepped out cool in baseball cap from PEACEMINUSONE, and yes, this black lover knows that cap can be super stylish.

3). When she embellishes her style with beret hat

This absolutely flawless stunner knows the power of beret hat. While filming Blackpink Electrical Safety song, she topped off her denim short and navy Heart Club t-shirt with matching color beret hat. She looks totally cute, pretty and excessively sweet 💖😍

4). When she steps out cute in knit cap

When this gorgeous beauty elevates her classic plain black t-shirt with knit hat, and ends up looking cute like a baby 😍 She knows that plain t-shirt and knit hat are best friends. Exactly, knit hats make her simple and casual outfit looks so much cuter 😚

5). When she fits perfectly in bucket hat style

Blackpink Jisoo knows how to attract everyone attention with her simple outfit. When she was at the airport, for casual yet elegant look, she topped off her black and white ensemble with matching bucket hat. She also paired her favorite black bucket hat with her stripped or black t-shirt for TV show or car photos leaving Inkigayo. Yass, look simple yet so damn cool! 😎👍🏼

6). When she slays her car photos after Inkigayo with Gucci felt cap

We are always curious with Blackpink Jisoo outfit during car photos leaving Inkigayo. On Sunday, June 4, 2017, she greeted Blinks in black t-shirt and Gucci felt cap with Sylvie Web. Goshhhhh! She looks so elegant! 😎

7). When she wears snapback hat and successfully drops everyone’s jaw

Blackpink Jisoo knows how to be the coolest girl in any rooms. She pulls off a snapback hat and pairs it with soft and feminine make up. And the result is, Boom!!! She looks beyond stunning! 😱

Blackpink Jisoo MLB Hat Cap

8). When she slays felt panama hat in photoshoot

This style queen gives all of us hat envy when she wears an ultra-cool black felt panama hat for NYLON Japan photoshoot. And … she ends up looking so fierce! ✌🏼😎

9). When she looks so pretty in plaid fabric beret

Blackpink Jisoo can never go wrong with beret hat. She completes her yellow plaid skirt with matching plaid fabric beret for Blackpink x Zipper Magazine photoshoot. She looks so trendy and stylish here!

10). When this absolute queen inspires your Christmas outfit with matching Santa hat

Christmas is coming early on the internet, thanks to Blackpink Jisoo who inspires us with Christmas outfit ideas. On Sunday, December 3, 2017, Blackpink Jisoo stepped out in red Maje Renate Jacquard dress embellished with Jealousy Miss You Ribbon earring, red lips, and red Santa hat. She looks completely fresh and beautiful while greeting Blinks in so friendly way, as always! She is the real idol 😍

Hats off to Blackpink Jisoo for slaying all the hat styles. And yes the last one, as bonus, little Chichu wearing a yellow visor cap, she looks so cute 😍

Blackpink Jisoo sun visor cap

OK, those are all of our favorite Blackpink Jisoo hat styles moments. She looks so pretty and cool in every way and leaves us being so jealous seeing her photos 😭

Blinkeu, have you found your hat style inspiration based on Blackpink Jisoo styles above? Well, which one is your favorite? 👒🤔

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