Fortune Teller Reads BLACKPINK Future: Their Luck is on Fire!


During Blackpink Home Party broadcast on Abema TV Japan April 28, 2018, the hosts invited Leina, a Japanese fortune teller to read Blackpink future.

Oniyakko: Do you like fortune telling?

Jisoo: I do, in Korea we can do it on streets, tarot cards are famous. We also have fortune-telling cafe and it’s really famous

Oniyakko: I went there it’s really trending. It’s really crowded you have to wait in line.

Jisoo: Fortune-telling cafe is easy to go to, I go there often

Jennie: No you dont, not often

All laugh

Jisoo: Just to me

Blackpink Lisa’s Fortune in Second Half of 2018

Oniyakko: Who wants to go first?

Lisa raised her hand

Leina: Lisa’s 2018 second half fortune is unexpected things will happen, things suddenly turn around. The things that you already built will … it will turn around and a lot of things will change but dont look back, dont do the same things, you can take another path. If you stop being the same your fortune will be more open.

Lisa Blackpink Home Party 2018

Oniyakko: What do you feel about it? is it true?

Lisa: I really dont know

Jisoo: Fighting!

Leina: You are born at “star of boy”. You have a heart/soul of boy so you are active/energetic so it’s good for you to do actions. For example: sports or any kind of activities using your body more will do good for you. You are the most childish out of the four members. You are a naughty kid.

Jisoo: Even if it was only us, Lisa always run and messed around

Jennie: She is like a younger brother

Rose: She will come and hit us

Leina: She has that nature so use that power on sports or dance

Jisoo: Oh she is doing it already

Blackpink Jisoo’s Fortune in Second Half of 2018

Oniyakko: Who is going next?

Jisoo (raised her hand): Jisoo

Leina: Out of you four, you have the best luck/fortune. If you have something in mind that you want to try or you want to change things dont hesitate to say it. You need to speak out

Jisoo Blackpink Home Party 2018

Jisoo: I always have the best luck

Oniyakko: So She is getting more lucky then

Leina: Yes she will

Jisoo: We will be all good

Leina: You dont have a leader?

Rose: No we dont

Jisoo: We never had a leader

Leina: Act like a leader this year and influence them

Jisoo: Lets go!

Rose: Lets go!

Blackpink Jennie’s Fortune in Second Half of 2018

Oniyakko: Jennie?

Leina: You have this weight on your shoulder all the time but that will go away, you will be free. It will be more relaxing year for you. So dont care too much for small things, be more free spirited, think more positively, have more fun, good things will come naturally.

Jennie Blackpink Home Party 2018

Jennie: It’s like what she said. I was thinking about the same thing. I am surprised, telling it straight to me

Leina: It will be more easy and fun. It will continue for a while, try to act more like you, that will be your charm. Try to feel like, it’s for fun, in a good way, like “this is a game” it’s better for you.

Barbie (host): oh you are serious minded/earnest person

Jennie: It’s really good advice for me

Blackpink Rose’s Fortune in Second Half of 2018

Leina: Okay then, Rose

Leina: This year, you will be meeting a lot of new people or new environments. You will meet types of people that you never had in life, more people will come. Making new friends more … will make your luck grow! and it will be a plus for you next year.

Rose Blackpink Home Party 2018

Rose: I never had a chance to meet fortune teller before so I find it mysterious from someone talking about myself. Wah, thank you.

Oniyakko: It looks like they are going to be more great

Leina: yes their luck is on fire

Oniyakko: Thats great, Im looking forward to you guys

Watch the full video of Blackpink Home party with English sub here:

Fortune Telling part: 45.11 – 52.31

English sub by: ミx_noct

Credit Blackpink Home Party Video with English Sub: ミx_noct
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