Filming Blackpink House, Lisa and Rose Go to See MC Jisoo on Inkigayo

As usual, today is Chu Day, the day when Blackpink Jisoo becomes MC on SBS Inkigayo every Sunday. Blackpink Jisoo got special supports this time since Blackpink Lisa and Rose dropped by not only for supporting and cheering her but also for filming Blackpink House. So, what did they do during the show?

Blackpink Lisa and Rose are So Hyped Supporting Their Unnie

Fans spotted Blackpink Lisa and Rose coming to SBS Inkigayo to support Blackpink Jisoo and to film Blackpink House at the same time. Blackpink Lisa and Rosé were sitting at the audience’s seat and kept waving at Blackpink Jisoo, but then Jisoo said, “control yourselves” *This scene must be so funny 😂

and then, fans saw Blackpink Lisa was filming herself from afar with Blackpink Jisoo still visible on the screen, then she acted as if she’s poking Jisoo. After that Lisa said “Good” like she’s satisfied with it.


Before the show started, Sunmi who performed and won the first place on Inkigayo today, shared a photo of the drink on her official Instagram and said thanks to Blackpink Jisoo, “Thank you MC Jichuu”


Later on, when Blackpink Lisa and Rose were leaving the show, they stopped to greet fans and give out the drinks.

Blackpink House Inkigayo

Now we can see the drink clearly. They gave out ORONAMIN C drink. What is ORONAMIN C Drink? ORONAMIN C is a carbonated nutritional drink containing vitamin C and other vitamins produced by Otsuka company (the company who produced Pocari Sweat).

Blackpink Rose Wore Name Tag as Jisoo’s Manager

While leaving Inkigayo, Blackpink Rose was spotted wearing name tag “Jisoo Manager Rose” So cute! 😂


Photos and Video of Blackpink Lisa and Rose leaving Inkigayo on January 28, 2018

Video of Blackpink Lisa’s interaction with fans after leaving Inkigayo by Fury, see the full video here

Video of Blackpink Rose’s interaction with fans after leaving Inkigayo

High quality Photos of Blackpink Lisa leaving Inkigayo

High quality Photos of Blackpink Rose leaving Inkigayo

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