EngSub, Watch BLACKPINK Jisoo and Lisa VLIVE Video April 27, 2019

BLACKPINK UPDATE – April 27, 2019.

BLACKPINK Jisoo and Lisa did video live on VLIVE, April 27, 2019 KST. Watch the video below with English Subtitle or read the summary!


1). Lisa went to an Aquarium in the morning, Jisoo was supposed to go with her but she slept in, then she went to the aquarium with her friend in Canada. Jisoo and Lisa talked about what they saw from the aquarium.

2). Jisoo talked about the necklace she was wearing, Dont Be Chicken Necklace that the members usually wear recently. She said that the necklace is from the director who did their hair for music video. The director gave that to the four of them as gifts

3). They talked about the handshake that LiSoo did in BLACKPINK DIARIES Ep. 7. They showed it to Jennie but Jennie doesnt like it, she said that it was huge no no and told them not to do it

4). They also talked about 1000th day with BLACKPINK, which will be on May 4, 2019. They both were confused because of the different time zone. They said, it will last in two days, Korea and America Time. Like Rosé’s birthday.

According to Jisoo and Lisa talk on VLIVE, during Rosé’s birthday, BLACKPINK members were in The US, they celebrate it there. After she came back from the US and was about to eat, suddenly she had birthday party with family. Rosé said ‘my birthday was not over’. It was funny because it was never ending, lasted about 2 weeks.

5). Jisoo and Lisa also talked about Avengers and Iron Man movie. For more details about what they talked, go watch their VLIVE video above.

6). Last but not least, Lisa remake her iconic meme face


  1. So cuteee 😍

  2. I couldn’t find the movie on Lisa’s Youtube account (Lilifilm Official) about LA 🙁 She said that she uloaded this…

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