[Engsub] Full Video Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé Instagram Live on May 9, 2020


BLACKPINK Jennie, Jisoo, and Rosé did Instagram Live on May 9, 2020 KST. They were in the studio for a meeting of BLACKPINK upcoming comeback music video. Jennie explained how she got injured and told everyone not to worry. Jisoo also gave BLACKPINK comeback spoilers.

1. Jennie explained how she tripped on a Treadmill

Jennie explained how she got injured and told everyone not to worry During their rest period, she worked hard on exercising and after pilates lesson, she went for a run on the treadmill and tripped over her on ankle. Jennie said that she’s getting better and the reason why shes using her crutches is so that she will get better faster~

Full explanation, English Translation by @jendeukiebabo:

2. BLACKPINK were Having Comeback Music Video Meeting

From their Instagram Live, Rosé explained that they came to The Black Label studio for having BLACKPINK comeback music video meeting. Jennie added that they come to studio almost everyday for comeback preparation.

Jennie: Why are we at the studio today?
Jisoo: Today…
Jennie: Miss Rosé, why are we at the studio today?
Rosé: Today, we’re having a music video meeting! News for Blinks!!! “Heart”
Jennie: We come out to the studio almost everyday now and prepare for the comeback.

3. Jisoo Gave BLACKPINK Comeback Spoiler

Jennie: Someone said music video meeting ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Jisoo: Yeah!
Jennie: You’re curious, right? We’re really curious too. Sure enough…
Jisoo: I’ll explain this music video.. I’ll explain the song.
Jennie: Really? That sort of feel? I.. I..
Jisoo: After that.. how (I/we) dance in front of Lisa.

4. Where was Lisa? Why She didnt join the Live?

Jennie said that Lisa was filming something and she should be there soon

5. Rosé didnt show her face, Why?

When fans asked where is Rosie, Jennie answered, “she is sitting right in front of me,” Rosé added, “Being a little shy today”

Well, Rosé didnt show her face on Jennie Instagram live, probably because she was in bare face (no make up), ooorrrrrrrrr, maybe she was hiding her new hair color? Likely no? Because at the end of the live video Jisoo played and showed Rosie blonde hair 🤣🤣🤣*Sorry Blacksé

Jennie: Is there.. anything you guys want to say before I end my live?
Rosé: We love you~
Jennie: “Where is Rosie?” She’s sitting right in front of me.
Jisoo: Yeah.
Rosé: Being a little shy today.
Jennie: Yeah~
Jisoo: You shy? Oh my god.
Rosé: I’m shy


6. Jennie told a moment when People Think Jisoo and Jennie look alike

Jennie: Unnie, 1,2,3. Like this. We were always like this when we were young.
Jisoo: Then they said we look alike.
Jennie: That’s right, so we lied we were sisters/cousins.
Jisoo: That’s right, we said we were cousins. I bet there are still people who believe that.
Jisoo: Be quiet, we’re cousins.

7. [Engsub] Full Video of Jennie Instagram Live

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