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BLACKPINK UPDATE – July 6, 2018.

Sohu TV China released video interview with BLACKPINK. Watch BLACKPINK Interview with Sohu TV with English subtitle:

Here is our summary from BLACKPINK Interview with Sohu TV China, credit English subtitle by poopheyy.

Jisoo: SQUARE UP holds the meaning of ‘Lets Fight’ which will seem stronger than what everyone saw previously as well as BLACKPINK that has more charisma.

Q: Every song that you released has been a hit, which is your favorite song?

Rosé: Recently, my favorite song is ‘See U Later’ It’s because it’s cool and the lyrics is very interesting. There is also like a bad girl image in the song, so it’s very interesting (Rosé then sing the See U Later verse)

Jisoo: I really like the song ‘Really’. This song showcases a girl’s feeling – like being shy and desire to be loved. That’s why I like it more, we can also see a cute and lively girl’s feelings hence when I heard it, I felt that it is really interesting. If I were to sing a part, I’ll sing Rosé’s part.

Jennie: I personally like our title song ‘DDU DU DDU DU’ the most. It is a song that we are showcasing after a year and I’m really happy whenever we perform it on stage. We received lots of love from it and thus it is my number one favorite song.

Lisa: I like ‘Forever Young’ the most. It is an upbeat song that is suitable for listening during the hot summer. It is a very uplifting song and I really like it.

Q: What do you thing is BLACKPINK’s biggest charm?’

Jennie: Because we are BLACK, PINK, when we are on stage, we show the charismatic side of us and when we are off stage, we are more girly and have a cuter image that allows us to be closer to all of you. I feel that this is our reverse charm

Q: Which is the member that showcases the most of their reversed charm?

Jennie: We all think that it is Lisa. Lisa has lots of charisma on stage, at times, she is also look very tough and at times she can ber very sexy as well. she has various sides of her. But off stage, she is full of energy, does a lot of aegyo and has a cute maknae feeling

*This part below is funny 😂 starts 03.36

Q: Jisoo ever said that Rosé looks the best without makeup, so who do the other members look the best, barefaced, in the group?

Rosé: I personally feel that, oh! I said it before, I feel that Jisoo unnie looks the best barefaced.

Jisoo: Look at them sending messages to each other (pointing at Jennie and Lisa who will choose each other)

Rosé: Jisoo unnie’s room is just next to mine so I see her bareface very often. I feel that her baeface is very friendly/kind and beautiful. Very pretty, super pretty.

Lisa: For me, It’s Jennie unnie. Jennie really looks the same with and without makeup

Jennie: Really? Thank you

Lisa: She is pretty, she is very lovely

Jisoo: How about Jennie

Jennie: I feel that Jisoo unnie’s bareface is the prettiest

Jisoo: oh no Lisa

Jennie: I’m just joking, I choose Lisa. But really, when Lisa doesnt have makeup on and while she is sleeping, she really looks like a baby, really cute.

Jisoo: As if she was just given birth to

ROsé: A newborn baby

Q: What do you guys normally do when you have no schedule?

Rosé: We all like to maintain and manage ourselves. So we would normally do exercises and manage ourselves. In terms of rejuvenating/healing, I really like to take walks, so I go to the Han River to walk a lot.

Jisoo: Because Jennie and I both have dogs, we really like to play with our dogs and bring the for walks at times, basically just playing with our dogs.

Lisa: I would normally watch American drama and movies a lot

Q: Do you like the lightstick that was revealed this time? Did you all contribute to the designing of the lightstick?

Jisoo: Yes, after all this lightstick represents BLACKPINK so we contributed quite a fair bit towards the design of it. That’s why we really like it and we are very satisfied with the lightstick.

*This part below is funny as well 😂 start 05:53

Q: What is everyone’s mandarin standard like? Can you show us?

Lisa: I watch lots of drama so I picked this up ‘I like you’ *speaks in mandarin

Rosé: So cool, my heart’s pounding

Jisoo: Normally the guys are the one who says this

Lisa: yes

Jennie: *speaks in mandarin ‘My puppy is very cute’

Jisoo: *speaks in mandarin ‘we want to go to China soon’

Rosé: *Speaks in mandarin ‘I’m Chaeyoung,, are your parents doing well?’

Q: Do you have any plans to come to China to promote in the future?

Jisoo: We really want  to meet our China BLINK and we would really want to promote in China as well. But I feel like we will still need to improve on our Chinese standard.

All: We will continue to work hard

Q: Is there any Chinese food that you want to eat?

Jennie: I really like to eat dim sum and the fans recently has given us lot of dim sum to eat, so I really want to go to China to eat delicious dim sum.

Rosé: I like to eat China’s duck-related dishes, I really want to eat them

Jisoo: I really want to eat Tanghulu (Chinese candied fruit), I haven’t eaten it in a long time.

Lisa: I really want to eat Peking Duck

Q: Many people said that Jisoo doesn’t look as good as in real life when she is taking selcas, do you personally know about this?

Jisoo: yes, many people said that I take selcas from the front and that I’m not taking it to look pretty but just plainly to take a photo.

Rosé: Because at any angle, unnie looks really pretty

*all of them teach Jisoo how to take selca

Jisoo: Ah then, I normally take selcas and only leave the ones that I feel looks nice and delete those that I dont think looks good. It seems like the photos that I didnt like and deleted, are actually the ones that look nice.

Q: For Jennie who has lots of talents, if you weren’t an idol, what occupation would you have now?

Jennie: I would want to be a panda breeder.

Lisa: It feels like you’ll would be very happy

Jennie: It’s a very blissful job to do

Q: For Rosé, who knows how to play many instruments, will you try composing your own songs?

Rosé: Though I have not officially tried composing songs, but I have lots of interest in it, in the future.

Jisoo: Like a singer-song writer?

Rosé: I dont know yet

Jisoo: We will look forward to it then

Rosé: Thank you

Q: When Rosé speaks, it’s always really soft and super cute, when she’s angry, does she speak like that too?

All: *laugh,

Rosé and Jisoo: “it doesnt seem like it”

Lisa: Her voice seems the same

Jisoo: But we haven’t really seen her that angry before. Just that when she wants to make her stand for opinion clear to us, she will use some English at times. When speaking in English, it’s not just Rosé, but Jennie and Lisa’s tone will also be lower. Definitely different from their tone now, which is full of aegyo.

Rosé: I heard from many people said that the tone that I use when speaking in Korean and in English is very different.

Q: The ‘Star Dance” that Lisa did last time was really popular, have you practiced any new and interesting dances these days?

Lisa: I feel that our title song, DDU DU DDU DU point dance this time is really interesting.

Jennie: We really do that dance anywhere, anytime.

Lisa: That’s right. Even when I’m showering I will also dance to DDU DU DDU DU

Jisoo: While looking into the mirror?

Lisa: Hit you with that DDU DU DDU DU

Jennie: Thats not bad, try it out too, when you are showering or when you are bored.

Q: Lastly, do you have any words that you would like to say to China BLINKs?

Jisoo: We haven’t got a chance to meet our China fans up close, so we would love to meet everyone soon and till that day comes, we will continue to work hard and present everyone with cool image. Please continue to follow us and we will always think for you all

You can watch it through Sohu TV website as well: Sohu TV

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