English Subtitle, Watch BLACKPINK Interview with GS25 GSTV

BLACKPINK UPDATE – July 21, 2018.

GS25 GSTV Official YouTube Channel, IloveGS25GSTV, released interview video with BLACKPINK on July 12, 2018. Watch the video below with English Subtitle by Beulping Subs

GS25 is a convenience store brand in South Korea managed by the GS Company. GS25 has almost every food product ranging from instant food and vegetables to fruits, and other ingredients. Consequently, various groups of people utilize GS25. Housewives often purchase ingredients from GS25, students buy snacks to eat, and workers get some instant food. GS also sells things for gifts such as meat, wine, healthy food, and kitchen utensils. People can send gifts to others by using the GS25 website

During this Square Up comeback, @RoseChinabar also used GS25 convenience store to run video ads for Rosé comeback support at around 65 stores in Seoul from June 20 to July 20, 2018.

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