Double Class Jen, A Story from BLACKPINK Jennie Dedicated Masternim

BLACKPINK ~ BLINK Story, May 31, 2018

Are you curious how masternim take beautiful and amazing pictures of Blackpink in almost every moment? How do they know Blackpink will be at the airport? are they student? Do they have job? and how they manage their own life? ~ Well, you are not the only one who are curious about. That’s why we decided to interview one of them.

We are curious how our masternims manage their time and hard work to take beautiful pictures of Blackpink. We reached one of them, DoubleClassJen, she is Blackpink Jennie fansite/masternim.

Double Class Jen is very active sharing Blackpink Jennie airport photos and performance. Lets find out her story and experience for being dedicated masternim!

Disclaimer: This post is mainly used to promote BLACKPINK masternim account, to appreciate their hard work and to spread love about BLACKPINK. This is personal story, a story from one person cant be used to generalize all masternims’ story. Other masternims story may vary. We have asked Double Class Jen masternim permission to publish this interview. If you want to repost or reproduce this post please contact us at

University Festivals, Long Wait but Worth The Wait

May is the month of university festivals in South Korea. This university festival is known as ‘대동제’ (Daedongjae). Most universities run the festival as short as only one day to 3 days or more with many fantastic and enjoyable events such as students performances, exhibitions, flea markets, games and even famous Kpop celebrity stages.

If you are following Blackpink updates, in May 2018, Blackpink performed in various university festivals such as Myongji University (May 16, 2018), SeoulTech University (May 17, 2018), Chung-Ang University (May 18, 2018), Hanyang University (May 24, 2018) and finally, one of the most prestigious university festival, IPSELENTI at Korea University (May 25, 2018).

At the festivals, Blackpink usually performed at night, but, do masternim come right before they perform?

Double Class Jen: “Actually you need to queue up early in the morning. And Blackpink usually performs at night because there are other celebration events for the school.”

You came since early morning? Oh my God, so you wait for that long?

Double Class Jen: “Yes, I usually went there early. Since that’s the only way to find a good spot to take photos. Actually, it’s ok to queue as long as the weather was not that bad lol.”

Aaah we remember there were heavy rain before Blackpink performed at Myongji and SeoulTech University Festival

Double Class Jen: “yeah thats right, I went there early morning, and then rain came, heavy rain, and I need to take care my camera, my belongings and my self at the same time lol. Those heavy rain led me thinking, Oh my god, what am I doing here. You know how it feels right? But once you see the girls perform it’s really worth the wait. I feel satisfied. Meeting them is all about waiting lol.”

Manage Fansite Life vs Personal Life

Masternim is like us, they are Blink too. Double Class Jen started to be Blackpink Jennie masternim around October 2017. But she becomes Blackpink Jennie fan since predebut era.

Double Class Jen: “Ya I know her since the first time YG uploaded her video on YouTube. I really like her style and how she handles the song easily.”

So how you manage your fansite and your personal life altogether, are you student or employee?

Double Class Jen: “No, I am not student anymore. You can say I am working, but not in full time job.”

I see, that’s why you have more time to take Blackpink Jennie pictures?

Double Class Jen: “Yes, I have more time to handle this fanpage.”

When you follow Blackpink schedule to take pictures, you need to spend money right? So how you manage that?

Double Class Jen: “hahaha I will just follow them within my affordable area. Jennie is important for me, this fanpage is important for me but i still have my own life so i’ll just do as much as I can and not affecting my daily life.”

Capturing Blackpink Jennie Airport Photos

Actually we are curious how masternim works to take picture. Like how do you get the info when the girls are going to somewhere, especially to take airport photo. Is there any special group for spreading such news?

Double Class Jen: “Nope and that’s secret lol”

Aah secret? understood, when the girls have airport schedule, what time you guys usually arrived? Like in early April 2018 when the girls came back from Thailand, they arrived so early in Korea. What time do you arrive at the airport?

Double Class Jen: “haha For me it actually depends on myself haha if I cannot wake up that morning I might need to give up. But I usually arrive 1 hour before.”

Camera and Software to Edit Photos

Do you usually bring the laptop everywhere to edit the pics, or you will be back to your house first to edit? Since most of you usually share the photos quite fast

Double Class Jen: “Of course edit the photos when I get home, the camera is heavy enough for me hahahaaa”

Hahahah right, what camera do you use? Would you like to share? or maybe your lenses collection or favorite lenses you always use?

Double Class Jen: “I’m using canon 5D mark3 currently, I think most of the fansite are using this model and the lense would be 70-200 IS ll. Sometimes would be 100-400 IS ll”

Canon 5D Mark 3: weight= 0.95 kg;  Shop at Amazon

Lens Canon EF 70-200 IS II: weight= 1.3 kg; Shop at Amazon

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Oh thats so heavy, fast lenses is a must ya?

Double Class Jen: “Fast and distance is a must”

By the way, what software do you use to edit the pics, photoshop, lightroom?

Double Class Jen: “Both! But I would use photoshop the most”

Unpleasant Moment

How about unpleasant moment, have you ever experienced such thing when taking photos?

Double Class Jen: “hmmm…Should be the lighting of the venue. Or the people in front of me are too tall hahha Or unable to take nice photos.”

And about unpleasant treatment?

Double Class Jen: “I remember once. Some of the fans are quite rude I dunno their nationality or they’re not blinks, they will push and speak foul language to make you give them a place to watch the girls. But most of the blinks that i’ve met are very nice and helpful and polite. But I think rude fans are all over different fandoms haha”

Wow, but at the airport there is no such rude people right?

Double Class Jen: “One thing I hope is some of the fans should not get too close to them some of them using their phone to take videos at the airport but their phone are really too close to their face (to Blackpink), this is quite impolite”

Run Birthday Support for Blackpink Jennie in 2018

Did you make birthday project for Jennie this year? And what was that?

Double Class Jen: “Yup, A seoul metro poster and a custom birthday cake. You can look for it in my twitter haha is all in the media.”

We didnt saw you run any goods or slogan project, how did you fund those projects?

Double Class Jen: “Right, I didnt run any slogan project yet, for this birthday project, I still used my personal money.”

Impression When Met Blackpink Jennie and Decided to Create A Fansite

Would you like to share the first impression when you met Jennie?

Double Class Jen: “The first time I saw her, I think is on Blackpink first debut stage on Inkigayo. She is really charming on stage, so powerful and a very pretty girl, That charisma she gave me is no joke.”

Woah we can imagine that, you didnt pass out right? hahahhahaa just kidding, anyway what is the most memorable moment ?

Double Class Jen: “Hahaha No I didnt haha I am a calm person. I think should be the fansign. I think it’s the first time for me to get so close to her and talk to her directly face to face.”

Can you tell us more what happen that time?

Double Class Jen: “I still remember their first fansign, when I didn’t start running Double Class and bring my camera. I went up to the stage looking at Jennie in such a distance, I cannot speak anything lol.”

Double Class Jen Met Blackpink Jennie

“I said to her “I dunno what to say and I am so nervous 😂” she then told me “Just say anything you want!” And at last I told her “I LOVE YOU!!!!!” She laughed a lot and directly give me a high-fiveㅠㅠ”

“At first I didnt have any thought of starting a fansite or fanpage as I thought I need to bear a lot of responsibilities, but after the fansign and all event I attended, Jennie did really melt my heart, she is SOOO kind ❤️”

“During the fansign, whenever she was free and any fans shout her name, she looked for them at once 😭 even when I shouted to her asking her what should I eat for dinner she answered me 갈비찜😆 where can I find such a sweet girl 😭”

“So, in the year of 2018, I hope Jennie can receive more LOVE from Blinks 💕 It doesn’t matter whether you’re in Korea or not, Jennie deserves everyone’s love and support! I want to share this story is because I think I am so lucky to be one of her fan 😭❤️”


Eternity Wonder, Upcoming Project for Blackpink Jennie

If you are following Double Class Jen twitter, she posted coming soon project on April 3, 2018 “[eternity wonder;] 1st project by DOUBLE CLASS”

Would you like to tell us, what is [eternity wonder;] project about?

Double Class Jen: “I am planning to run some projects including to set up a website to upload and share HQ pics of Jennie that I took.”

That will be amazing, will you sell goods, merch, photos etc? so maybe you can make more money to support your fansite life?

Double Class Jen: “I will~ Yes im going to sell goods but those money will be generated only in Jennie’s support^^, I just want more people can support them so I am trying my best to do so”

True, lets spread love more about them, anyway how you choose Double Class Jen as your fansite name, is there any special meaning?

Double Class Jen: “Actually I was thinking to name it First Class, to describe Jennie but I think its quite strange and some other idols fansites use this name too, so I would like to make an advanced level of the name First Class which is Double Class, actually it doesnt have a special meaning hahaa I just came into this name while bathing kkkkk 😂”

Hahaha that’s interesting, anyway thank you so much masternim for your time and sharing, hope it will inspire other blinks and hope we can contribute to this fandom as much as you do

Double Class Jen: “Thanks for your time too! ❤️”

Interviewer: Annie Park (The owner and writer of BLACKPINKUPDATE.COM)
Interviewee: Double Class Jen

You can follow Double Class Jen social media accounts to find the latest photos of Blackpink Jennie from various events, performances and airport photos:

Twitter: @doubleclassjen

Instagram: doubleclassjen


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