Dazed Korea, BLACKPINK Rosé and Lisa Stun on The Cover Autumn Issue

BLACKPINK UPDATE – August 8, 2018.

BLACKPINK Rosé and Lisa look so stunning on the cover of Dazed Korea Magazine Special Autumn 2018 Issue. See the photos below!

BLACKPINK Rosé and Lisa for Dazed Korea Magazine:

“Our hiatus was long, but we received a lot of love so we gained a lot of strength.”

[During our concert in Osaka] “I wished that this moment where the four of us on stage together would last forever”

Source: mydaily Korea via Naver; English translation by @black2dpink824

According to the magazine, Rosé and Lisa’s pictorial took place with the theme of ‘Old English Royalty’ in partnership with luxury brand ‘Mulberry’. A creative director of ‘Mulberry’s new F/W collection said, “Rosé and Lisa are stylish people. I hope that the unexpected, but at the same time contemporary image and style of this photoshoot concept shows through.”

In their interview, Rosé and Lisa discussed their future plans. Rosé shared, “We are also curious about where we can go from here, what more we can do. All four of us truly love the music and the career that we have.” Lisa added, “We are incredibly happy people. Because we are doing what we love.”

Source: allkpop

Previously, on July 27, 2018, BLACKPINK Rosé posted spoiler on her Instagram story wearing that fur socks


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