Confirmed, BLACKPINK Comeback with First Mini-Album on June 15, 2018

BLACKPINK UPDATE – May 25, 2018.

Blackpink will make their comeback on June 15, 2018 with first mini album. Yang Hyun Suk Official Instagram posted new update about Blackpink comeback this morning, May 25, 2018.

English translation of YG Post by @GlobalBlackPink

Q. When will BLACKPINK’s new song come out?

A: YG’s only girl group, BLACKPINK went on a hiatus for too long. Fans got disappointed because we always released a single album since debut. This time, BLACKPINK is planning on releasing a mini album on June 15th.

We were able to finish a satisfying result due to the long preparation and we’re also able to prepare continuous comebacks and promotions starting from June till the end of the year. Please look foward for BLACKPINK

Here is full English translation of YG caption by @YGInstagram

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