Coming of Age Day, BLACKPINK Jennie Congratulates Blinks Who Turn 20 Today

BLACKPINK UPDATE – May 21, 2018.

Today is Coming of Age Day in South Korea, a transition day when young people turn 20 years old and become adult.

Blackpink Jennie posted new photo from behind the scenes Adidas commercial and wrote long message to congratulate Blinks who turn 20 years old today.

adidas pictures coming soon 🤟🏻

blinks ~ it’s coming-of-age day today.
it definitely felt like i just turned 20 years old yesterday… how could this happen 🙉
to all the 20 year old blinks who are celebrating coming-of-age day, congratulations.
it would be good if you spent your 20’s coolly and brightly 🙂

i miss you i miss you!
it’d be better to give you a comeback spoiler instead of saying that i miss you, right?
we feel the same way too.

we are all in the process of thinking to find a calm and orderly way of releasing ( the album? ) so don’t give up. lets all wait together 🔥 🔥 🔥

even though i am feeling this again from all the university festivals these days,
i am the happiest when i perform
and i am the proudest when i see blinks.
your shouts and cheers make me tear up 🙏🏻

She then replied to many Blinks’ comments talking about her favorite music, movies, TV show on Netflix and many more. She also changed her profile picture.


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If you are curious, here are Blackpink Jennie photos from Adidas commercial, she wears the same outfit as these photos:

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Credit English Translation of Blackpink Jennie caption by mochi jen

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