Children’s Day, BLACKPINK Rosé Gets Fun & Lovely Gifts From RoséChinaBar


BLACKPINK Rosé received fun and lovely gifts from Rosé China Bar to celebrate the Children’s Day. In South Korea, Children’s Day falls on May 5 every year and it has been one of the major, most widely celebrated national holidays.

As parents often don’t have much time to see their children due to overtime or working on the weekend, many families make an extra effort to do something special. They devote the day to create an entire day of memories with their little ones. They usually give gifts and go picnic to places that the children really want to visit.

Rosé China Bar celebrates the Children’s Day by sending lovely gifts to Blackpink Rosé. They posted the gifts yesterday on Twitter, May 4, 2018. They wrote:

HAPPY CHILDREN’S DAY to our lovely princess ROSÉ 😘



-The Little Mermaid ( original motion picture soundtracks)

-Nintendo Labo Variety Kit

– Cotton Candy Maker

#BLACKPINK #ROSÉ #블랙핑크 #로제

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Little Mermaid is Blackpink Rosé favorite Disney Princess.

For Nintendo, She made video live on CH+ once, showing she played Nintendo game. When She won the first place, she cutely thanked everyone, from CEO Yang Hyun Syuk, mom, dad, her sister, her fish pet, members and Blinks. That was so funny, you can watch the full video here on Blackpink Vlive Ch+ (paid subscribers only).

And for cotton candy,

Chaeyoungaa… now you can make your own cotton candy 😁 *She looks so cute staring at Blackpink Jisoo eating cotton candy when filming Blackpink House at Everland on Monday, January 8, 2018.


For Rosé China Bar, thank you so much for your precious gifts. Those gifts will create beautiful memories for Blackpink Rosé. Thank you for always supporting our angelic queen.

During Blackpink Rosé’s birthday on February 11, 2018, Rosé China Bar also gave abundant birthday gifts.

Blackpink Rose Birthday Rosie Posie Day February 11, 2018

Click here to see more gifts sent by fans to Blackpink Rosé on her birthday: Happy Birthday Blackpink Rose, Rosie Posie Day on February 11, 2018

Source: Rosé China Bar Twitter Account

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