ChaeLisa Day! Happy 6 Years with Our Angelic Singer, BLACKPINK Rosé


6 years ago on May 7, 2012, Our angelic singer, Blackpink Rosé joined YG Entertainment. That was also the day when Blackpink Rosé met Blackpink Lisa for the first time. Blinks even call it as Chaelisa Day.

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Here are some pre-debut photos of BLACKPINK Rosé

Blackpink Rose Pre-Debut Photo

Unseen Chaelisa photos:

Blinks celebrate by using this hashtag on twitter. Other fans even create cute and sweet fanart when Rosé came to YG Entertainment and met Lisa for the first time.

Fanart by

This fanart recreates when Blackpink Lisa met Rosé for the first time.

Blinks Happy 6 Years with Blackpink Rosé, for our angelic queen, please keep on shining!

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  1. I’ve watched her saying that but now I can’t find the video could you help me..

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