Car Photos After Inkigayo, Blackpink Jisoo Looks Cute in Half Bun

Blinkeu nyeongan!

Today is Chunday, the day we always wait for to see Blackpink Jisoo as an MC on SBS Inkigayo. Today we saw Blackpink Jisoo as Inkigayo MC for the first time in 2018. She has been an MC for Inkigayo since February 5, 2017.

Let’s take a look at Blackpink Jisoo performance for today Inkigayo show. She looked absolutely pretty and gorgeous here, as always. Today’s outfit is compelling and flawless, we really love it. Jinjido wore matching outfits. They look so adorable 😍

And as usual, we always wait for Blackpink Jisoo car photos moments after Inkigayo. Blackpink Jisoo looked so cute in half bun hairstyle.

Here we collected some fan-taken photos from Blackpink Jisoo car photos after inkigayo on Sunday, January 7, 2018.

*click on the image to enlarge!

1). Look at her sweet smile 😍

so cute 😍

2). Her side profile, flawless!

3). She is eager to talk with Blinks (Blackpink Fans), she is so friendly 😍

4). Blinkeu jjaanggg!! 😎👍🏼

5). Hi! I’m Jisoo, they know you are Jisoo, you know? 😂

Look at that banner, Blinks really love Dalgom’s ‘so done’ expression 😂

Ban Dalgom Blackpink Jisoo Dog

*See Cutest Photos of Ban Dalgom, Blackpink Jisoo’s Dog

6). See, how happy she is, her bright smile is so lovely 😚

7). Blinkeu jjang! Dont forget to watch Blackpink House! Stay tuned for the next episode!

Thank you masternims who took these amazing shoots of Blackpink Jisoo, thank you for spreading these happiness to us 😭

*Photos are copyrighted to their rightful owners, credit on its logo. No copyright infringement is intended 🤗

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