Funny and Crazy, Blinks’ Reactions to Blackpink Jisoo-Jennie Sweetest Moments at The Airport

Blinkeu Nyeongan!

Many Blinks believe that Jensoo (Blackpink Jennie-Jisoo) are the superior shippers surpassing Lisoo (Lisa and Jisoo), Chaesoo (Chaeyoung and Jisoo) and Jenlisa (Jennie and Lisa) shippers. The intimate, sweet, cute yet mature friendship among Blackpink Jennie and Blackpink Jisoo is real.

Both Blackpink Jisoo and Jennie will be automatically soft to each other when they are together. We can see, every time Jennie is with Jisoo, those gummy smiles shine bright on her face. We also need to admit that only Blackpink Jisoo can make Jennie laughs so freely. And if you remember, the way Blackpink Jisoo throws jokes is one of the reason why Blackpink Jennie loves her (of course as the closest friend) because she makes her laughs a lot.

Yesterday, at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand. Blackpink Jennie and Jisoo fed blinks so well with good quality content. Blackpink Jennie was being so clingy to Blackpink Jisoo in sweet, soft, and cute way. Many Thai Blinks who record the video surprised seeing a jaw-dropping romantic show right in front of them 😂

Let’s us show you the pics!

We are losing our mind after seeing the sweetest Jensoo moments ever. Crying, blushing, screaming and comforting our self from a sudden electric shock. And we lurk around social media to find out how Blinks react to these unforgettable drama. We find out that Blinks are really creative and imaginative 👏🏽😂 *proud to be the part of this fandom.

Here are Blinks’ reactions to Jensoo sweetest moments:

Caution! Reading these posts will make you crazy, cry your eyes out, laugh uncontrollably, even trigger your wild imagination 😈 Be ready!

*All these posts are just for fun. Blinks like joking and please dont take them too seriously. Lets go crazy together Blinkeu!

On the latest Vlive CH+ post reply [Nov. 27, 2017], Blackpink Jisoo explains why Blackpink Jennie pulls her dress. It is because Blackpink Jennie wants to show off Blackpink Jisoo’s dress and so she did it.

Well how’s your feeling Blinks after reading those reactions? 😂

Are you still breathing? 😏


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