BLACKPINKUPDATE.COM Monthly Statistics Report, July 2018

BLACKPINK UPDATE – August 6, 2018.

Welcome to BLACKPINKUPDATE.COM monthly visitors statistics report!

Starting June 2018, we plan to release our website monthly statistics so that our readers know how our website grows.

BLACKPINKUPDATE.COM was officially launched on January 3, 2018 and per July 2018, it is 7 months old. Event though it’s still a baby, this website grows pretty well until now.

Lets take a look at our July 2018 statistics:

Summary of Website Statistic and Social Media Followers

*This data was taken on August 6, 2018 at 11.09 p.m. KST:

Website Global Ranking (Alexa): 249,477 improve 96,829 positions compare to June: 346,306

Website Total page views = 929,332 views

Website July 2018 page views = 271,473 decrease 44,173 views compare to June: 315.646 (June has very high views likely because it was comeback month)

Website July 2018 unique visitors: 98,190 increase 7,092 unique visitors compare to June: 91,098

Website Email Subscribers = 531 increase 158 subscribers compare to June: 373

YouTube Subscribers = 61,555 increase 18,077 subscribers compare to June: 43,478 (*active updating the news since May 2018)

Facebook Followers= 449 increase 144 followers compare to June: 305

Twitter Followers= 816 increase 148 followers compare to June: 668

Instagram Followers= 59 (we dont use Instagram to update news)

We only has one admin, Annie Park, who manages website and all social medias. Therefore, we cant focus in all platforms, our main focus is updating the news on website and YouTube. Therefore we are going to report our statistics from website and YouTube.

Lets see more details from each points above!


According to Alexa, BLACKPINKUPDATE.COM is the 249,477th most visited site in the world and 270,719th in the U.S.

BLACKPINKUPDATE.COM global ranking improves 96,829 positions compare to June 2018 with global ranking 346,306 and USA ranking 176,200.


But the ranking position in the US is decreasing. Last month we got 17,200 position but now it got 270,719. Why?

Likely because the visitors and page views from other countries increase more compare to visitors from the USA. Is that true? Lets check our website monthly statistic in July 2018.

BLACKPINKUPDATE.COM Top Ten Visitors Based on Country

In July 2018, we have high number visitors coming from Philippines, compare to June 2018, our number one visitors coming from USA.

BLACKPINKUPDATE Page Views January – July 2018

Website page views in July 2018 = 271,473 decrease 44,173 views compare to June: 315.646 (June had very high views likely because it was comeback month)

BLACKPINKUPDATE Unique Visitors January – July 2018

Website unique visitors in July 2018 : 98,190 increase 7,092 unique visitors compare to June: 91,098

BLACKPINKUPDATE.COM Visitors Based on Age and Gender July 2018

Our visitors are mostly 18-24 years old, around 66,76%; 25 – 34 years old around 24, 10%; 35 – 44 years old around 5, 70%, 45 – 54 years old around 2, 26%, 55 – 64 years old around 0, 69%; and 65+ years old around 0, 48%

BLACKPINKUPDATE.COM Visitors Based on Browser They Used, July 2018

BLACKPINKUPDATE.COM Visitors Based on OS They Used, July 2018

YouTube Statistics from January to July 2018

In conclusion, we are really happy knowing our website keep improving. It’s still 7 months old but already got 249,477 in global ranking. It gives us more strength to improve this website and promote BLACKPINK more.

For our readers, thank you so much guys for the support, hopefully this website continues as helpful source for BLINKs to follow BLACKPINK news.

Special thanks to our two generous donors, Blinkie from Germany and Pseudonym from USA. Per August 6, 2018 we have collected $87.64. Thank you so much, it means the world to us. We will use this donation for website maintenance only when we need it, currently we still use our personal money to build and maintain this website. 😊

-Annie Park-

Founder and Writer


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