BLACKPINK: We Hope to See You Guys Again Really Soon, Love You Always!

BLACKPINK UPDATE – August 5, 2018.

BLACKPINK sent thank you message on BLACKPINK Official Instagram after finishing Square Up Mini Album promotion by performing on MBC Music Core, August 4, 2018 and SBS Inkigayo today, August 5, 2018. Read their message below!

English Translation of BLACKPINK caption by @black2dpink824


Today was our last broadcast. We wanted to show a cooler and more mature side of BLACKPINK to our BLINKs who’ve waited for a year. How was it? Was it all right? 🤗

Thanks to our BLINKs who are always by our side in the cold or in the heat, and who become our strength, we were able to promote this time with reassurance.

Thank you and love you always 😽💖

We hope to see you guys again really really soon. To see you guys come cheer for us with smiles on your faces in this scorching heat, we’re really sorry, and so thankful and touched at the same time

Thank you for giving us strength, and we’ll work hard to always become a source of strength for BLINKs too 💕

To BLINKs on the start of a new week, fighting and sleep well

Love you and sweet dreams🦋💙

Watch BLACKPINK Good Bye Stage on SBS Inkigayo, August 5, 2018

Watch BLACKPINK Good Bye Stage on MBC Music Core, August 4, 2018

Thank you BLACKPINK, will miss you guys so much, please comeback soon 😭


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