BLACKPINK UPDATE Monthly Statistics Report

Welcome to BLACKPINKUPDATE.COM monthly statistics report!

Starting June 2018, we plan to release our website monthly statistics so that our readers know how our website grows.

BLACKPINKUPDATE.COM was officially launched on January 3, 2018. Event though it’s still a baby, this website grows pretty well until now.

BLACKPINKUPDATE.COM only has one admin, Annie Park, who manages website and all social medias. Thus, this website cant focus in all platforms, our main focus is updating the news on website, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Lets take a look at our monthly statistics from June 2018 until now:

Summary of Website Statistic and Social Media Followers

BLACKPINK UPDATE Monthly Statistics 2018

Global Ranking
US Ranking
Page Views
Page Views
Unique Visitors
June 346,306176,200646,398315,64691,098
July 249,477270,719929,332271,47398,190
August 215,029142,2431,204,170249,46978,071
September 231,527215,9951,421,852291,32397,123
October 223,343171,3961,841,049395,833155,601

BLACKPINK UPDATE Followers and Subscribers 2018

June 37343,478668305
July 53161,555816449
August 64368,992902546
September 71672,1311,003606
October 91381,6071,133772

Alexa Global Ranking and USA Ranking for October 2018


*Data was taken on November 2, 2018 at 14.00 PM KST

Top Ten Views Based on Visitors Country


Visitors Statistics Based on Age and Gender 2018


Website Donation

Update Total Donation Number of Donors
November 2, 2018 $ 138.34 3

Our Donors:

Blinkie: Germany (Regular Donor)

Pseudonym: USA

Moin: India

In conclusion, we are really happy knowing our website keep improving. Our website is still young but already got 223,343 position in global ranking. It gives us more strength to improve this website and promote BLACKPINK more.

For our readers, thank you so much for the support, hopefully this website continues as helpful source for BLINKs to follow BLACKPINK news.

Special thanks to our generous donors, per November 2, 2018 we have collected $138.34. Thank you so much, it means the world to us. We will use this donation for website maintenance only when we need it, currently we still use our personal money to build and maintain this website. 😊

-Annie Park-

Founder and Writer

*This page was updated on November 2, 2018