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Thank you for joining our first ever giveaway to win 4 BLACKPINK Photobook Limited Edition for 4 winners.

First things first, we would like to say thank you to all participants who wrote comment to join the giveaway. From June 16-30, 2019 we received 540 comments. This is huge number since we just did it for the first time. Thank you, thank you and thank you.

Today, we are so excited to announce the winners that have been picked randomly from our giveaway post here: BLACKPINK UPDATE GIVEAWAY: Win 4 BLACKPINK Photobook Limited Edition.

How did we choose the winners? First, we don’t pick them manually but we use the tool (plugin) called ‘Pick Giveaway Winner’ for wordpress website. After we got 4 winners from the tool, we checked all their comments to make sure they meet our requirement which to write comment answering “How BLACKPINK inspire you?” minimum 2 sentences and in English. 1 Person 1 comment between June 16-30, 2019. If the winner meets all those requirements, then the winner will be chosen as valid winner.

After hitting the pick winners button, here are the winners from our giveaway! Congratulations!


*we hide 4 digits from their real email for privacy

Name: scene-steal·er


Country: Philippines


BLACKPINK.. they inspire me in many ways, and not just because i’m fond of their music and skilled choreographies, vocals and raps. they’ve been through so many hardships just to get to where they are now, they sacrifice everything and did their best with support from their peers and relatives and practice which worked off in the end. in my statement, they inspire me to never give up and always do my best in all that i do.

Shipping Process: Already arrived on July 14, 2019 Local Time

Name: Umaibala


Country: Malaysia


Blackpink have once made me and my friend who once fought back get together and reunite as best friends. We had big problems and misunderstandings till we used to be far apart. The moment changed when both of us listened ‘stay’ song.She cried listening the song and straight away turn back to tell sorry to me. Really showing how deep the meaning of the song is? Blackpink had inspired me through showing me the true definition of friendship in my life.

Shipping Process: Already arrived on August 13, 2019 Local Time

Name: OzBlink


Country: Australia


BLACKPINK inspires me in so many ways. Mainly, they radiate positivity in everything they do, no matter where they are and no matter what others say. Most people see them as four beautiful women but to me, their minds and work ethic are also beautiful.
Jisoo once said that “if I’m being supported by one person, it’s good.” She constantly reminds the girls not to read hate comments. I aspire to be as optimistic as her and recognize the good things in life. Jennie receives a lot of backlash from antis but manages to power through despite feeling tired from her extremely hectic schedule, especially when she was promoting SOLO. I admire her dedication. Rosé ranked first for the auditions held in Australia and traveled to South Korea with the mindset that “this has to work”. She can independently do what she puts her mind to and that is a quality I’d love to have. Last but definitely not least, Lisa can outdance anyone and that is because she probably learned to dance before she learned to walk. Her passion for dance is so inspiring. To be even just 1% as passionate as Lisa is as a dancer would be more than enough. Collectively, these four women inspire me to be dedicated and not be too worried about what others think of me.

Shipping Process: Already arrived on July 12, 2019 Local Time

Name: CaliforniaGaby


Country: California, USA


BLACKPINK has inspired me to learn more about Korean culture. Being a college student in California, not many people listen to KPOP around me but I’ve slowly been getting my friends to listen to BLACKPINK and they love them. So in general, being a BLINK has inspired me to share JISOO, ROSÈ, LISA, AND JENNIE with the world!

Shipping Process: Already arrived on July 4, 2019 Local Time

Important for the winners!

For all 4 winners, please email us within 24 hours at to proceed the prize shipment

Congratulations to all winners and thank you for all BLINKS who have participated in our give away. Your comments are all beautiful 😍

For BLINKs who didnt win the giveaway, please dont be sad, we will try to create regular giveaway for our beloved readers. Your participation means so much to us, since this is our first ever giveaway. Hope we can continue to provide reliable BLACKPINK updates for BLINKS around the world and make BLINKS happy by giving regular giveaway.

Stay tuned for our next giveaway!

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