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  1. Blackpink inspires me each and everyday to be confident with who I am and to become a strong-willed woman I was meant to be. They show me that even through hard times in life ,we can overcome it !

  2. blinkandproud June 28, 2019 at 8:01 AM

    I learned pure friendship, love and self-sacrifice from Blackpink. In two years they made me realize if we want to do something, we have to work hard for it and never give up and as long as we have support from our loved ones that journey is beautiful even if it is long and hard.

  3. BlackPink are inspiring dancers around the world with their choreography. Every member brings something special to the group and BlackPink isn’t complete when one is absent.

  4. Blackpink inspires me since each member is so unique and has many different talents that they’re not afraid of showing off. They encourage me to express myself without feeling ashamed, even if my hobbies and skills are different from others’ interests and talents.

  5. Blackpink have been an inspiration for me in different aspects. The amount of effort they put into what they do inspires me to become a hardworking person and to chase after my dreams despite difficulties ahead.

  6. BLACKPINK inspires me because their music is so catchy and enjoyable that when I find myself bored or sad listening to them makes me more energized. They’re able to get me to want to be more active!

  7. Blackpink inspires me in many different ways. It’s always been a struggle for me to find a rolemodel who I can completely relate to, but after finding blackpink im happy to say i no longer need to search. Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo, and Rosie are each individually such beautiful and golden-hearted women. As a woman myself seeing girls who dont conform to the ‘cute’ stereotype, or any of society’s norms is really inspiring to me. They motivate me to be kind, to be confident and to feel comfortable in my own skin. Their music has such a sweet and genuine message and each of the members never fail to make me proud, and make me smile. I was so lucky and got to see blackpink live in hamilton! It was the best night of my life and each of the girls really touched my heart with their words. Blackpink are the rolemodels i needed and the sisters i never had. ♥ ill be a blink forever!

  8. blackpink is so amazing & inspires me because they’re always soo hardworking!! in every comeback and photoshoot you can tell they really try their best to deliver the best content possible for blinks and i really love them for that. i hope i’m at least half as hardworking and dedicated to my work as blackpink one day XD

  9. Black pink look pretty. Black pink is cool.👍🏿

  10. BLACKPINK is the revolution! Blackpink inspires me since they’re so badass and don’t let others get to them even though many people attack them with malicious comments every day. They motivate me to stand up for myself too and hold my head up higher even if others bully me.

  11. Yuetong Zheng June 28, 2019 at 6:43 AM

    Blackpink inspires me because they’re constantly improving in many aspects, such as their fashion looks, dancing, singing, and rapping. They’re always so confident as they improve and that inspires me to work harder in life so I can improve too.

  12. BLACKPINK has inspired me to feel confident and capable of being the strong person that I can be. After listening to their music, (and also watching their interviews) I have this sense of female empowerment and confidence that no other artist has made me feel, ever. BLACKPINK IS THE REVOLUTION! lol. Thank you for taking time in reading this. I appreciate it.

  13. Blackpink inspires me to push through your dreams and work hard on what you wanted to be and to have. Knowing their years of training, patience while waiting for their perfect time to debut, and the grace they portray under pressure is simply amazing. Each member is uniquely beautiful inside out and their music brings a sort of unexplainable vibe that makes me hooked so much and last but not the least on how they carry on their craft is truly inspirational.

  14. Their dance, music and personalities inspires me to learn Korean songs and K-Pop choreographies!

  15. Blackpink not only inspires me but everyone who truly love and listen to them. Ever since their debut till now, I can see they are hardworking and high spirited individuals. All of their music are what we love to listen every day. No matter what they been through, all BLINKS will always support them. Blackpink are one of the best kpop group and hope they always continue to grow more! Love!

  16. Blackpink are so amazing, I really love their songs and music videos. I’m inspired by them and amazed by them after watching blackpink house, their diaries and everything <3.


  18. I’ve been following them since before their debut,when their name was pinkpunk.I was super excited when I saw their video dancing to Rihanna’s song.They really captivated me with their dance.Each member have their own unique style when performing,and that becomes the reason why I root more from them.Some of their songs also makes me energetic whenever I listen to it after sobbing for hours haha!I just really love them,hard to explain it in words and hard to not make it sound cheesy at the same time😂

  19. blackpink is such an amazing group, they got me into dancing once again with their bop songs!! and i love their stage presence, it makes me so proud to be a blink, they never disappoint us!!!

  20. everybody knows that blackpink has a dual personality and most inspires me about them is that how they stay so cute and calm offstage and as soon as they are onstage they become a another person as if they can change their personality according to their will.

  21. Black Pink inspired me to not give up on my passion.

  22. How BlackPink inspires me
    Well I discovered them when they had a very difficult time and I found the warmth and emotion in their songs.
    They inspired me to apologize for the dance feel my movements and also appreciate the total control of each of them and also inspire me to work harder because to see their effort put in the practices of the YG and for several years teaches us everything the work that took and motivates me to reach my dreams to capture everything because now looking at them so high makes me hope.
    I see in her some strong and beautiful women but they know what they do and they have critical thinking and not just a pretty face.
    There is no doubt that his humor and his good attitude counted.

  23. BLACKPINK’s style, personalities, charisma and music really inspires me to be a happier and better person.

  24. Ashley (@blinkmode) June 27, 2019 at 11:49 PM

    From their perseverance to debut, to their strength in managing the inevitable hate they get (being the biggest girl group in the world at the moment, and all hehe) Blackpink have really inspired me to keep looking forward and to not lose hope that my dreams can come true, but of course with resilience and courage. I’ve embraced parts of myself more by watching them be their genuine wholesome selves and I honestly love growing and learning together with them, and of course with all the friends I’ve gained-AKA BLINK. <3

  25. Blackpink is the best k-pop girl group, they are really different from other group (personality, style, music). I can listen their music every day and it makes me feeling better. Love them so much❤️❤️

  26. LisasEuphoria June 27, 2019 at 9:15 PM

    I discovered blackpink last year a week after my dad passed away; they helped me escape reality and get through this tough time. I watched a lot of performances and binge watched blackpink house and other appearances; i found a safe haven in them. They brought me so much joy and helped me escape this harsh reality. I own no blackponk merch as im an international blink and winning this would mean so much to me. Thank you for this opportunity

    • I’m glad you found blackpink at a time like this and they helped you overcome your struggle. This was definitely a life changing opportunity and you will gradually get better- just remember blackpink will always be by your side x They really do help you escape reality and every laughter I have had with them makes me love them even more. I hope one day you get to meet them and tell them this story as well; they’ll be so proud to see the strong person you’ve turned out to be!! They make me laugh so much and I love their variety appearances as well. Good luck to you, Hope you win x

  27. I started listening to Blackpink in January 2019, and ever since, I have been obsessed with them, watching every show, listening to every song, going to their concert and buying merch. They’ve helped me get through difficult times in school and even when I’ve had arguments with my family, so I hope i can win this giveaway to encourage even further support!!!

  28. I got into KPOP World when I started stanning BLACKPINK. They inspire me to do well in school and in my life. Their music and performances bring happiness to my life. I love them so much!

  29. When I’m sad and depressed I listen to their songs, watch their mvs, dance practices and looked to their pictures I saved in my phone. One time I was taking exam and I feel uneasy so I listen to “Boombayah” because I remember Jisoo said its a cheering song and when I got the result, I’m the only who passed, listening to their song gives me courage to study hard so one day I can hug them and tell them that I’m so happy supporting them…💜❤💙

  30. BLACKPINKis my inspiration before I don’t know how to dance but because of BLACKPINK my dancing skills is improving. Because of BLACKPINK I want to be sexier because JenChuLiChaeng are very sexy. And they’re inspire me to study hard because I want to be successful someday and I will see them when I’m already rich.

  31. I’ve found about BLACKPINK when I was at my lowest. When I don’t wanna live anymore and I cannot find any reasons to live. I am so thankful to God that He let me discovered them through watching one of their performance. Blackpink has been my inspiration since then. They make me smile, laugh, sing, dance, enjoy my life and they can even make me cry. They became my inspiration to continue to live my life and enjoy it in any way possible. I wanna work hard so I could see them in person or watch their concert. I dont have any blackpink merch yet because I am still a student. I really want to have one, something that I will see and touch that will remind me of them. I hope I am one of those lucky winners.

  32. Truthfully, I was never into KPOP even though many of my friends were into it, till I listened to Blackpink’s debut songs and I was like “where have you been my whole life?!” The music was uplifting (like the rap omg) and their stage presence took my breath away. Since then, their music has helped with through my darkest moments, reminding me to be strong, telling me I’m not alone, bringing laughter with their personalities, and it makes me want to be like them – kind and loving to those around them.
    I have never liked any singer/band this much before, and many have said I’ve “sunk into the hole of kpop” but I do not regret it as I now have a source of happiness as well as role models to keep me inspired! Proud to me a Blink 😉

  33. I vividly remember that the first time I listened to BLACKPINK’ s songs, I was really immersed in their melodies. And from that moment, I became an enthusiastic Blink. They took me to the world of Kpop and the world of Kpop fans. They became my great inspiration for my music passion with their efforts, their talents and especially their sincere love for Blinks. They turn me from a shy girl into a self- confident one and give me a positive energy in my life. Up to now, I am so happy and proud of the achievements that the girls have made with their maturity.
    Good luck my girls.

  34. Phạm Thảo Quyên June 27, 2019 at 5:34 PM

    I am a little interested in Kpop music. I know BLACKPINK when I hear the song DDu-Du DDu-Du once in the street. I was completely mesmerized by Rosé’s sweet voice, Jisoo’s gentle beauty, Jennie’s inner voice and Lisa’s healthy rap. From that moment, I knew that BLACKPINK was the idol I was looking for. I am a high school student so the learning pressure is always very high. I often get tired after stressful classes and I relax by listening to BLACKPINK’s music. When I became a BLINK, I participated in many fanpages in different countries, which made me more friends, more open in social relationships. BLACKPINK really changed me in a positive way. Love you <3

  35. Blackpink has truly inspired me through my hard times specially when I’m stress with my school work and other stuff, blackpink gave me inspiration and hope, they are always making me happy just by watching their music videos, blackpink house, performances and many more, Blackpink has taught me that no matter what happens there’s still hope waiting for us, don’t give up on our dreams, just keep believing in yourself and when the time comes everyone will be proud of u. BLACKPINK SARANGHAE♥

  36. Blackpink inspire me a lot to the point that I have achieved so many things. I always do my best to everything I need to do just like what they are doing to every concerts, photoshoots and recording of their songs. They inspired me to become the best version of myself and to never stop dreaming of the things I could achieve by working hard.

  37. Blackpink became my inspiration ever since I stan them. I may not see them personally, or they may not always update us in their ig but they give me strength everyday to live my life to the fullest. They brighten up my day, everyday and their songs makes me feel alive. I want to win this photobook so bad because seeing them, looking at their photos inspire me to do my best in my studies.

  38. BLACKPINK is the main reason why I am always happy with my life, their songs just keeps on giving me good and positive vibes which makes me want to share those vibes to the people around me especially to my friends and family. I may be a boy but the impact of their songs to me is just out of this world because normally I don’t like listening to Kpop but because of BLACKPINK, they changed the way how I look at Kpop songs and the result of that is me always being happy and I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER THE FIRST TIME I LISTENED TO THEIR SONGS.

  39. I started to become a BLINKS since this year because of their charisma, style and songs. Every time when I am down, tired or frustrated because of my works, their songs will give me positive energy and cheer me up. They put many efforts and achieve many achievement in this year. However, they do not talk or complaint about how tired or difficult they are because they do not want BLINKS to be worry. This really made me respect to them and inspire me to work harder without complaining anything.

  40. BLACKPINK inspires me to be smile and enjoy more, life’s better with their music! I love them, they are so talented and beautiful. They work so hard so I’m glad to see them shine this year and everyday more and more people love them. Thanks for this opportunity, good luck blinks!

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