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  1. BLACKPINK inspire me because, even through the difficult decisions they have made (like leaving their home country), the hate they have faced, and the bitter work they had to put in to get where they are today, these girls have remained true to themselves, and retained their lovely personas…we see this through their smiley faces and beautiful music. I hope to work as hard as them, while still remaining true to myself. <3

  2. Well, they don’t really inspire me, they help me feel this life becomes more colorful and fun every day. When I feel desperate, they bring me a smile, I am very grateful that I can know them and be a part of Blinks to love and support them.

  3. The girls have taught me so much and have been my role models since their debut! All of them are just so hardworking, a trait that I strongly appreciate. I find things about them and their personalities that I can relate to, which in turn inspires and pushes me more to better myself. Despite the hardships they’ve gone through and negativity the positivity they give their fans is so impressive. As idols they do an amazing job at making their fans, BLINKS, happy!

  4. BLACKPINK really inspire me to reach my dream and to be a better person. I’m overwhelm to be part of there fandom and I never thought 4 girls would do such an effect in lighting up the darkest day of my life.

  5. BLACKPINK inspire me so much to work hard, I’m so glad I found you, You really give me the best of me. And I will looking forward to have good memories with you.

  6. Their work always brings joy and comfort to me while their passion and dedication inspire me to make a greater positive impact in everything I do. I am who I am because of them. Being Blink is one of the best thing I choose in my life. 💜

  7. Blackpink inspire and show their love through music. They’ve taught me to love myself and helped me get through tough times.

  8. Hengie Roldan June 29, 2019 at 1:07 PM

    HI! First of all, I’m a BLINK since 2017. Blackpink is always there for me, they are my happy pills, when I’m feeling down, they always make me happy because Blackpink gaves positivity and brings beauty in the face of my challenges in life, so I want to say Thank you BLACKPINK, even if I’m not be chosen as the winner, I’m still grateful because we BLINKS are part of your success and thank you for inspiring me as a Fanboy:>!!!

  9. lowkey_beulping_fan_from_philipines June 29, 2019 at 12:58 PM

    Hi there, uhmm I will try to make my answer short since I am limited to 2 sentences only and I hope I can do that promise 😅. To answer your question ~ the group that debuted as Blackpink back in August 8, 2016 made me realize how music can bring people as one (no matter where you may be), and that even though there are things in life which we may think is impossible to achieve — it is never a sin to try achieving it (just like how 4 different people JENCHULICHAENG made it) ♡♡♡♡.

  10. Blackpink inspired me with a lovely and strong image.I listen Blackpink’s music everyday, every moment because it make me feel relax and i think i was fall in love with Blackpink.

  11. I am inspired by Blackpink’s kindness and genuine care for Blinks. They inspire me to be humble and kind even when you’re at the top especially to people who have been there for you since day one.

  12. someone who came to my life and change everything
    They’re coming to me like god has planned it
    since that time my life was more meaningful, I became stronger like them, and I’m happier because of them.
    And you know what? I already considered them as my own sister in my real life haha such a good life right?
    I really want to say this to them, unnie, it’s gonna be a long long long and hard journey but the book said, sometimes the problem is your best friend, they are so much stronger for you, and making you more better than yesterday.
    Everyone know, no i mean the universe know that i, we, blinks are love you, and yeahh last but not least, i hope we will meet one day so i can tell this for real 🙂

  13. Angels who changed my perspective on kpop inspired me on the road to my goals by showing me the importance of hard work because all of them devoted their years to dance and music to become stars around the world. When I listen to them, I think of my own dreams and remember the importance of working hard, no matter how many years I have in front of me; and I said, I shouldn’t let it go.

  14. They taught me to not overwork myself for my dreams,and showed me how I can learn things when I’m giving my best.

  15. BlackPink inspired me to rap and sing to their lyrics. Also taught me on styling my self differently especially trying a new hairstyle and using hairspray.

  16. Blackpink inspires me to work hard to achieve your goals and dreams in life, to be true to yourself and don’t let people describe who you are. Don’t give up no matter what and how hard life is.

  17. Blackpink has inspired me to become more confident and strong. Watching them perform and traveling around the world made me want to work harder and reach my goals even if others don’t think I can reach it. Blackpink has always been a group that I look up to.

  18. Jenchulichaeng_959697 June 29, 2019 at 2:31 AM

    Blackpink inspires me to keep working hard at my goals no matter how hard or long it takes to reach that goal. They also inspire me to stay true to myself and don’t be afraid to act as my self in front of others because no matter how weird you are there are people in the world who love you. They are also a really good energy booster. Jenchulichaeng, I love you!!!!!!

  19. Blackpink encourage me to not to be easy to give up, even if there’s hard times. They teach me how to socialize better and be more confidence. They help me not tobe lonely when I’m alone by watching their videos or listening to their music, it helps me to feel calm.

  20. All blackpink songs and the lyrics are being my addiction.The dance performances and cheoreography also inspires me.

  21. Muhammad Alif Akram June 29, 2019 at 12:42 AM

    Blackpink inspires me because they are very friendly to all the blinks.They do appreciate all their fans for where they are now.For example,they often do live at Instagram and vlive.This teaches me to always be friendly and sociable with others no matter who I am.

  22. I like how they are so positive in everything they do, each of the members have thing they are good at but together they are strong and they make me feel like there is hope in this world to do whatever you feel like doing. I love BLACKPINK soooooooooooooooooooo much. hope you guys stay together fo a long time and support each other my whole family are inspired by Blackpink. Thank you sooo much for your musics.LOVE BLACKPINK

  23. I don’t know exactly when and how it starts but Blackpink inspires me to work hard, to dream big and to never give up on your dreams every single day. I really get excited whenever I hear their music and whoever talks about them. They are one of my inspiration that gives me a reason to smile despite of everything. Their smile, music, dancing style, and their love for all the blinks are incomparable. We love you JenChuLiChaeng.

  24. they helped me find happiness in their music, and they are also a fashion inspiration to me!

  25. BLACKPINK helped me recover every sadness I had by watching them and I thank them for that. They never fail to make me smile everytime I see them. They are my dose of happiness. I love them so much even if I’ve been with them and Blinks for just a year and half, I am so attached to them and I just can’t get enough of them. Thank you for being part of my life Jennie unnie, Jisoo unnie, Chaeyoung unnie, Lisa unnie and Blinks.

  26. Blackpink inspire me alot in many ways such as how they act and their dedication to what they do. Their singing and dancing are spectacular but what really is important is their dedication to it. This motivates me to do the same when i do things now – to be committed to do things and not to give up. They make many blinks happy because of their joy and passion for singing. They are always positive even when they have read many hate comments, which shows that they are strong. When they are positive, it makes me feel positive too. They have inspired me to be a strong, positive person as it makes many people happier around you.

  27. Each member in blackpink works super hard for their debut and comebacks even though they are talented, which inspires me to work harder in school and also in personal life. After all, blackpink makes me to learn from them and to become a better person.

  28. Jenchulichaeng June 28, 2019 at 3:58 PM

    Blackpink inspire me to be strong. They been through a lot and the hate that they have been receiving from other kpop stan because of their achievements is sometimes over the board. They may see, or read those hates and may affect them as a person, but they are strong. They handle those hates and continue to perform and achieve so many big things. It inspire me a lot and motivates me to continue to support them in everything they will do.

  29. Because he has other characters and characteristics from most people and extraordinary skills so he is not only famous because of beauty but also from the skills of each member

  30. Blackpink inspires me to take a stand as a female and voice my opinion.

  31. Blackpink inspires me as a female and helps me stand up and speak my mind.

  32. Ever since their debut, Blackpink have inspired me to dance and to be more confident in myself as I was too insecure to upload a cover of them before. They’ve also inspired me in indescribable ways, to from being more motivated when I’m studying and helping me be a more positive person in general.

  33. They are different from other kpop groups, I feel they are closer to the fans and show their real personalities. I love the diaries and the other videos. They inspire me to be myself and have fun!

  34. I hate dancing.But,after getting influenced by blackpink,I start liking dance.Then I went for dance classes and I started doing dance covers on blackpink songs as the dance moves are so fascinating. I personally like blackpink’s dance move choreograph from boombayah.

  35. I hope i can win the giveaway as it’s too expensive for me to afford😭 thank admin blink~

  36. Zharif Zharfan June 28, 2019 at 12:59 PM

    Blackpink inspire because their music is very good and they became worldwide sensation after only 3 years of debut. Their member also very nice. They care about each other and care about blink.
    Blackpink also achive many achievement for their quality songs. Blackpink will always be the queen forever.

  37. On my first comment is wrong gmail.. Im sorry

  38. Blackpink inspire me to work hard, studied hard and to achieve my dreams..
    Blackpink make me laugh
    Blackpink make me happy
    Blackpink make me cry.. Thats why I cant stop loving blackpink.
    Thankyou blackpink for changing my life!
    Thankyou blackpink for being my inspiration and my family. 💖

  39. For this almost 3 years, BLACKPINK has inspire me in many different ways. Their passion, their personality, their friendship, but what inspire me the most as a woman/girl is their sense of fashion. After knowing BLACKPINK, I know a lot about fashion and I feel more confident about my fashion now.

  40. Danielle Marie June 28, 2019 at 9:29 AM

    After knowing them, I managed to feel more confident for myself and in interacting with others. I think love is a strong word and believe it takes time, but with blackpink, I managed to know how love can come in all kinds and my love for bp is definitely engraved to my life in my own way.

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