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  1. Blackpink inspires me due to their excellent performance and how much everyone enjoys the members through their hard work they showed. Blackpink gives off so much positive vibes through their music and even with videos of them, shows us who they really are. Really appreciate Blackpink and love them so much.

  2. Blackpink inspires me to spread love not only to our loved ones but also to the people who hates us or judge us or discriminate us and they thought me how to stand after the downfall. Their music is so lit especially “STAY” that you will feel it with your heart and i will stay with them forever. That’s why i love BLACKPINK ❤️.

  3. Blackpink made me comeback into kpop industry specially when bigbang faced their problems, blackpink inspires me because of their music it made me feel alive and I am not afraid to sing their song in public even if i am a boy!

  4. I wish to go to their parties and buy their own albums But, I can’t.

    Jennie, Jisoo, Rose, Lisa, BLACKPINK, for me they are my HOPE in this life.

  5. BLACKPINK insPire me to work harder and to have a better Persnality. I honestly love them so much and I am haPPy to be a Part of their fandom. 🖤💖

  6. To be honest I never imagined 4 people can change my life to to this extent. Words are not enough to thank you guys.

  7. At first I really didn’t stan any kpop groups. And I became a blackpink fan around october or november of 2019. It started from simply being amazed by lisa’s dance video for x academy. From there i watched blackpink house, star road, and almost all tv show appearance i can fin and also anything blackpink related videos i can find on youtube. I really find blackpink to be my happy pill, their music, them as a group and individually. I just love them. How they inspire me? Well they are the reason for me to smile, whenever I go out or even simply staying at home, listening to their music gives me energy in life. I love you Blackpink and thank you!

  8. BLACKPINK inspired me that in their positiveness. In every challenges is not easy, you gonna start from the bottom before you get higher, and even you are in the higher position you can’t expect that you will stay as that it will be.

  9. The girls gave so muchi to achieve their dream of becoming an idol! They continued believing in it, no matter how often the debut was delayed! They inspire to keep going and believe in your dreams, to make them come true!

  10. BLACKPINK has inspired me to do many things like being more confident infront of people, and being yourself no matter what and no matter when. They bring out their smiles and happiness because they have each other and us BLINKS! BLACKPINK supports us BLINKS while we support them back as much as we can! BLACKPINK also inspired me to do on what’s impossible, can be possible, which made me very strong. They have changed my life since the first time I saw them and I will apply every single thing they have in my everyday life so I can be as happy as possible with BLACKPINK! They will always remain my favorite Kpop group with 4 beautiful talented girls! <3

  11. Blackpink in my area!!!! I love them since they debut. 4 of them are so beautiful and cute. JISOO my bias, I love her so much!! Their music, their passion, their personality are so attracted to me. I think they inspire me that we just had to be optimistic no matter how hard the obstacles we faced 🙂 they are the reason why i love kpop! I appreciate the chance that meet them at the concert in the past feb 24th. Blackpink I love you ❤️

  12. I really love Blackpink they are an inseperable part of my life. Even I am miles away from them I will always stay and Stan their works.
    Because every piece of their work is a masterpiece.
    Love u Blackpink..

  13. My girls have really taught me to be strong and fight for what I want to achieve, just as they did to get where they are now ❤

  14. Previously I didn’t used to know k-pop but since Blackpink debuted I have became an hardcore fan of them. They are an inseperable part of my life..
    Love u Blackpink

  15. How blackpink inspire me ? first of all blackpink is the 2nd group that i stan with all my heart before this it was 2ne1 . i am lack of confident and im afraid to persue my dream but seeing blackpink going through a lot just to full fill their dream make me wanna be like them but in different field . recently im touched by seeing rosé singing ” coming home ” at her home town . after all the hard work she got to sing at her home town with all people that she love and the place that she grew up with . im not good at english as you can see . everytime i see jisoo talking English when she’s not confident make me wanna hug her n said it’s ok your doing great :’) in school when im talking English with them i always said to myself that im on im doing great . im in international school i always alone bcs im not confident with my English . i love blackpink so much

  16. Blackpink inspired me a lot of things . Blackpink is my inspiration to become an honor student in our class, Blackpink gives me power to overcome my problems , through their music they can make me happy when I’m sad . Blackpink put me in the right path . Blackpink is the first and only kpop girl group that I stan.

  17. Blackpink inspired me to be proud of the way I look. In school I was being bullied because I was the only Asian in my class, but Blackpink really helped me to be proud of the way I look and they make me feel proud of the fact that i’m Asian.

  18. Before I love blackpink I used to hate k-pop. Then they come to my life in right time when I had no idea what should I do in my life. They inspire me to learn korean language and they always inspire me to do what ever I want and be strong although ppl talk bad to me:) BLACKPINK has inspired me through their fascinating music and their act and loves to eachother and BLINKs. I’ll protect and love them although they reached their last “annyeong haseyo blackpink imnida”:)

  19. Year 2016 I started to be a fan of blackpink. I feel so crazy everytime i hear there music and i accendentally danced, thats why some people telling me that im crazy but i dont care hahaha. Blackpink is my inspiration why I save my money because i want to buy all BP merchendise and hoping someday i can join atleast one of there concert and thats my biggest dream, to see blackpink and to thank them for everything what they did to me, for inspiring me everyday. Even though we’re far from each other my heart will always love the 0T4😍😍❤😊

  20. Annyeong😊😊 I’m Joniewil A. Villas from philippines. Blackpink insipres me from my studies, they help a lot. I was a negative thinker, a negative person. I used to cut my wrist because I’m tired of living, but blackpink pop up in my timeline on facebook and in my youtube acc. Then suddenly they attract me, they took my attention. At first I really really hate kpop because i envy them but like what i’ve said blackpink pop up and toom my attention. Then one day I realize I stopped trying to harm myself, everytime my family brings me down I always watch blackpink to make me feel better. They make me happy, they make me feel that I need to live even if i’m tired of living. So I searched them everyday, until I became addicted to them, no day passes by without me listening to their music, watching their angelic faces especially without seeing rosé or park chaeyoung’s face. My studies had a great results now, even if i’m not in highest honor Is still made it to be in honor. Blackpink really inspires me, they’re the other reason why i’m still fighting today. Because of them I wanted to pursue my dreams and continue dreaming. Because of them I fight everyday so that i can reach my doals and I can meet them someday.

  21. Blackpink has inspired me to (indirectly) grow with them. I’ve seen tons of changes from them because I’ve been following Blackpink since pre-debut until now. They achievements push me to be able having a good and enjoyful life like they have now. In the future, I want to look back at them and feeling proud to say that they are truly my youth.

  22. Hi there m a big fan of black pink umm actually I didn’t know about K-pop until I get to know Lisa from YouTube video and I got to know them as a black pink and the main reason why I stan black pink is because of their marvellous songs……….kim jennie ,Lisa manoban, rose and jisoo has a great personality too .. Lisa taught me to be strong and joyfulness no matter what others think of you…thank you black pink for changing my life.

  23. Blackpink has inspired me to live the moment, be kind to everyone including myself. Whenever I listen to their music I feel happy and powerful.

  24. I love Blackpink very much because they’re adorable and their personality really helps me in my daily life . Because of their kindness toward their blinks i feel so loved. Forever stan Blackpink no matter what happen . I want to be successful woman like them .

  25. I’m a big fan of Blackpink. There was a time that i really feel so down that i dont know what to do with my life anymore and i wanna end my life that day and then i saw some videos of Blackpink and started to watch it and at some point, watching their videos really helped me overcome my biggest problems in life. Being their fan and watching their videos was my escape and i’m so thankful for that. And today, they inspired me in some ways like i always got a high grades in school and also i discovered my talent in dancing, and thanks to Blackpink coz i always try to practice their dance videos that it made me a great dancer. I love Blackpink so so much, and I’ll support them always and forever and must protect them that all cost.

  26. To be honest, Blackpink is one of the most important things in my life. Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa are the light in this dark world. They inspire me the joy but also the badass concept and everything. I love them so much 💞.
    Love from France

  27. • They inspire me with their talent

    • They inspire me with their way of transmitting emotions

    • They inspire me with their strength

    • They inspire me with their voice

    • They inspire me with their authenticity

  28. Blackpink inspired me to love more about music and blackpink help me to gain some confident.

  29. When I was growing up, I was always embarrassed of being the only korean in an almost entirely white city. BLACKPINK inspired me to be proud and embrace my heritage, rather than be embarrassed by it.

  30. Blackpink inspires me because their stories of how they joined yg entertainment and became the biggest girl group in the world is so motivating. Their songs are so meaningful and even if i’m having a bad day their music is there for me. They are truly role models for me and other blinks around the world ❤

  31. They inspire me to be a strong person, by the songs that they made. It gives me chills and strength through my body and soul. I love them all, but my bias is Rosé. Thank you for the opportunity to win this giveaway.

  32. BP make me happy every have a problem so i just hear they songs and its make me feel better

  33. Blackpink inspires me everytime i see them hear their song watch their shows its just so fun to see them having fun with each how they make us feel comfortable and make us laugh im very grateful to ever know them

  34. Blackpink has inspired me not only through their music, but in their personalities, as well. They’ve inspired me to live a happier life, by simply making me happy, as much as they have been.

  35. BlackPink inspired me to lose weight after years of being lazy in order to be an idol like them someday and also inspire others as well.

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