BLACKPINK To Star in HIGH CUT Magazine Korea Vol. 224 2018

BLACKPINK UPDATE – June 19, 2018.

BLACKPINK will star in HIGH CUT Magazine Korea Vol. 224 June 21 – July 4, 2018. Here are the photos, scans and English translation of BLACKPINK interview in HIGH CUT Magazine Korea vol. 224.

BLACKPINK Jennie and Jisoo shared their behind the scenes photoshoot for High Cut Magazine on their Instagram

English Translation of BLACKPINK HIGH CUT Magazine Korea Interview from Newsen news site, credit Korean – English to @black2dpink824.

#1 on Charts whenever they release a song, they are the country’s first girl group to have 2 MVs with over 200 Million views, achieved in less than 3 years after debut. BLACKPINK is back with their first mini album in a year, SQUARE UP. With the shining visuals of these girls manage to carry every outfit well, as well as interview filled with their bright energy, they join us in Vol. 224 of HIGH CUT. Check them out!

Question: What is the biggest difference between the BLACKPINK that just debuted, and the almost 3 year old girl group BLACKPINK?

JISOO: “We developed a sense of responsibility to live up to our fans’ expectations. Before debuting, we sort of just felt like, ‘it would be great if we had fans’ or ‘will people endup liking us?’ Now, we feel that we need to work exceedingly hard just to have one more person be satisfied. If we want to give a good showing of ourselves, even if we do it perfectly, we dont know if it will 100% be conveyed properly on stage.”

Question: At what point did you recently feel most grateful to your members?

JENNIE: “For period of time, we each spent time separately. And now that we have suddenly gathered again for promotions, it’s as if a ‘unity switch’ was turned on, just like that. Even though we spent time apart, when we are of the same mindset, we are strong. Each member does everything she is responsible for, so I have also developed a sense of responsibility.”

Question: Please talk about what other members mean to you?

ROSE: “The members are extremely important people in my lives. There are times when they are there as friends, there are times when they are there as family, and we can learn and grow from each other. When I am having a tough time, I look for Jisoo who lives in the room next door. I talk to my friend Lisa about the things we sympathize about. And when I need advice I look for Jennie unnie. We are good influences to each other in many ways.”

Question: Was there a time when you missed Korea while you were promoting in Japan?

LISA: “There were some times when I wanted to eat Korean ramen. I like Japanese food, like sushi and tempura and don. But I sometimes thing, ‘If only this ramen had kimchi, it would be perfect.”

Korean – English translation by @black2dpink824.

English Translation of BLACKPINK Jisoo Interview with HIGH CUT Magazine Korea

English Translation of BLACKPINK Jennie Interview with HIGH CUT Magazine Korea

English Translation of BLACKPINK Rosé Interview with HIGH CUT Magazine Korea

English Translation of BLACKPINK Lisa Interview with HIGH CUT Magazine Korea

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