Blackpink Shows Off Blackpink House’s Christmas Decoration on Latest Vlive

Pink vibes! Blackpink House looks even sweeter for Christmas. Thanks to Blackpink members who leave us completely jealous after seeing their awesome decoration.

On December 6, 2017, Blackpink members gave Blinks (fans) some inside looks of their Blackpink House through video live (vlive). They look so excited (as excited as we are) while giving a tour around their beautiful house.

Wow those pinky ideas accurately give us so many inspirations, we never thought that pink color will be so beautiful for Christmas.

Ok Blinkeu, lets have a tour inside the super cute Blackpink house:

Blackpink House

Those free floating balloons give us party-like vibe, Aahhh I wanna grab one actually 😜


The Pink Wall, It’s cute and elegant 😎

Blackpink House Jisoo Jennie Rose Lisa

Pink is everywhere not only the wall, but the tissue is also Black and Pink 😂

Blackpink House Black and Pink Tissue

The Instragamable Santa spot, so pretty! Lets wait for them to post their pics on Instagram soon Blinkeu 😌

Blackpink House Jisoo Jennie Rose Lisa

Blackpink House Jisoo Jennie Rose Lisa

And yes, it fits best for group photo sessions, hana dul set! Cekrek

Blackpink House Jisoo Jennie Rose Lisa Christmas Decoration

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 4.38.20 PM

That flowery dining table, It’s so sweet and beautiful. Cant imagine if I join to dine with them 😍

Blackpink House Dining Table Christmas Decoration

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 4.54.07 PM

Including those food ideas, look so tasty 😋


That comfy pinky couch 😂 I bet Lisa will sleep a lot here 😜

Blackpink House Pink Couch Jisoo Jennie Rose LisaBlackpink House

Blackpink’s debut photo spot, the nicest spot for Jisoo to do staring contest with Jennie. Her randomness is out of the box, only Jisoo can do that 😂


And the most important part is … tadaaa…. the Christmas Pink Tree! Omo this is the first time I see Christmas pink tree and it looks so cute 😘

Blackpink House Christmas Pink Tree

Those views are so mesmerizing and it will be so much fun seeing Blackpink members being extra while decorating their house. Hopefully, we can see Blackpink House or Blackpink TV soon. We miss you so much Jisoo ya, Jennie ya, Rose ya, Lisa ya 🤗

Blackpink House Jisoo Jennie Rose Lisa

You can watch the full video here on Blackpink Vlive Channel

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