BLACKPINK Rosé Shows Gift from Rosé Fan Union Support on Insta Story

BLACKPINK UPDATE – August 1, 2018

BLACKPINK Rosé showed gift from RoséFanUnion comeback support through Instagram story, roses_are_rosie, on August 1, 2018. She shared two videos playing with puppy, maengdoll (a puppy of BLACKPINK stylist) and showed dry cereal from RoséFanUnion support project.

rose fan union gif

We then talked with @RoseFanUnion to know more about the gift they sent to Rosé.

“The bottle with the sticker on Rosé’s Insta story is the bottle of dry cereal. I think she liked it and decided to carry it as a bottle ☺️ Soo cuutee 😊”

They added, “We sent lunchbox, some candies, and flower box on the radio show. Then we sent the lactic acid bacteria and dry cereal later to YG Entertainment.”

On June 22, 2018, BLACKPINK Rosé also posted Insta story video showing the candies and her sister, posted a picture of the flower, both from @RoseFanUnion 

Previously, @RoseFanUnion sent BLACKPINK Comeback Support that was delivered as Rosé Support when BLACKPINK guested on SBS Power FM Lee Guk Joo Young Street Radio on June 21, 2018 to promote BLACKPINK Square Up comeback.

They also shared the candies for BLINKs who came to MBC Music Core on June 23, 2018 to support BLACKPINK performing DDU DU DDU DU. That was the time when BLACKPINK took 1st win for DDU DU DDU DU.

@RoseFanUnion launched fundraising project from May 28, 2018 and reached 100% of goal amount on June 8, 2018.

“We are happy to say that we achieved 100% of our 1st goal amount on June 8, 2018. A big “thank you” to all who joined this support!”

Here are details gifts they sent to BLACKPINK as Rosé Support:

Snack Box

BLACKPINK Rose comeback support rose fan union lunchbox flower candies 15


Flower Box

They sent donors’ supportive words to Rosé written in the cards with the flower box

Lactic Acid Bacteria and Dry Cereal

BLACKPINK Rose dry cereal from rosefanunion

The sticker was designed by  and 

Caption on heart sticker: “You are my chirosé”, playing with word, “chiryose” means something like “energizer”

Caption with avocado: “Chaeng eat a lot since there is no avocado”


Some screenshots from BLACKPINK appearance on SBS Power FM Lee Guk Joo Young Street Radio when they drink the drinks from RoséFanUnion

RoséFanUnion also shared details expenses from the project

Lastly, they thank everyone who joined the project and made this project possible,

“Thank you to all BLINKs, fanbases, and masternims who joined the support. We will be back with support project on the next comeback if possible”

BLACKPINK Rose Kiss bye




English translation: @blingBLiNK__

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