Blackpink Rose Shared Her Drawing For The First Time Through Vlive

Blackpink Rose did a video live on Vlive regular channel. She showed us her ear piercings, her drawing on sketchbook, her doodle on Boombayah helmet and her research collection about being an artist. Read our summary of Blackpink Rose vlive on Monday night, March 12, 2018 below!

Firstly she felts nervous and embarrassed doing solo vlive after a long time she didnt do it. She said, “Blinks (fans) keep asking her to do vlive but it took so long until she did it” (by the way her reaction when she was blushing is amazing ❤️)

Blink asked what was the theme for Chaeng vlive and she answered that, there is no theme, she just did it because she was bored 😂 She spoke quietly (and hearing Chaeng speaks that way, it just sounds really sexy 🙊)

She said that the lighting in her room makes her hair color looks really good and she loves it.

Blackpink Rose Ear Piercings

A blink asked, “how many ear piercings do she have?” And she answered by showing one by one until 5 in total (3 in left side and 2 in right side). But she always keeps her first one available, because when they have stage performances, they have to wear pretty and really heavy earrings. So she like to keep her ears resting when she is not on stage. So that her ears wont be too tired when she is on stage.

A blink asked, “what color is your hair?” And she answered, “caramel, it’s like autumn color.” She said when she went to get her hair dyed, she wanted autumn color, “if there is an autumn color, I think this is what the color looks like.”

Blackpink Rose Matching Rings with Blackpink Lisa

She showed off her two rings she got from Lisa after winning the bet. She said that she loves it. (Mini heart attack for Chaelisa shippers 😌)

Blackpink Rose Drawings

A Blink asked, “Can you please show us your drawing?” She said, “maybe I should” but then she continued, “but I cant find my sketchbook. Where did it go?” After a long thinking to find out where it is she said, “I think I left there, I should ask our manager later. I lost my sketchbook. My Drawings. I should not lose it.”

A blink asked, “what did she eat today?” She answered, “Rice! I ate rice. Korean food”

Then she showed another of her drawing from another sketchbook. She said it is not her favorite drawing, not her type of drawing and not her best drawing. She just wanted to try something new like graphic and She drew it when she was bored.

She pointed out the ‘S’ alphabet at the center of her drawing and said, “It was … when I wanted to try this out. I needed something to start with. But I had nothing in my mind. I was looking for any idea. Anything random. I tried to come up with something but I got nothing. Start, I was like, “Start please start.” So I started with the letter ‘S’. This is why it has S in the center. It doesnt mean anything. It start from here. It’s little childish, so I dont really like this one. I dont love this drawing.”


She then showed the octopus under her main drawing. “It is supposed to have 8 legs. I can make it looks like it has 8 legs. (Start counting) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 …

(Cant find the 8th leg 😂). Hang on … (Start counting again) 1, (laugh)… OK OK… 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. 8 Legs.


She continued saying that there is only one drawing in that sketchbook, everything else is just the autograph she practiced. “It’s funny. Looks like I practiced my autograph with my left hand. When did I do this? This is quite artistic. It could be a piece of drawing”

Blackpink Rose Research About Being An Artist

She then showed another sketchbook containing drawings in the past. She did some research about being an artist.


She said, “I dont want you to read what I wrote here.” (She showed it but she shook it) “The reason why I did that was … not let you read what I wrote here. So you cant read” (She continued showing other pages by shaking it). “I work really hard on it, don’t read it. I just want to have quick look”


“I printed out big pictures. You cant see right? I tried to make magazine. Dont read it dont read it”

Blackpink Rose Drawing Tips

A Blink asked, “Drawing Tips” (Answer it in Korean) “As for drawing tips, I think you shouldnt try to draw well. Ah wait, the comment was in English. (Laugh, then repeat the answer in English) For drawing tips, you shouldnt restrict yourself. You shouldnt try to draw something really nice or drawing something really cool like ‘I want to do a really good job’ more than that its just be like you shouldnt even plan anything. I feel like you started and then you see a picture. You see the picture and than you plan. You are like ‘oh I like this. I am going to start putting this here and that. This is how I am going to go with this and that’s how I am going to go with that’. Just putting your pen on the paper or whatever it is you are using. You know what I am saying? (laughing) 😂

Blackpink Rose Drawing on helmet for BOOMBAYAH Music Video

She continued, “I brought something else. This is when we promoted ‘BOOMBAYAH’ I doodled on the helmet. I brought it here. I doodled on the helmet we wore for BOOMBAYAH. That helmet didnt really feature in the music video. But I worked hard on it. It’s this one.”


“You might have noticed since I used a marker, it’s peeled of  a little because it’s been rolled around. The marker is peeled off here. At first, it was really smooth. This is just a marker. I used thick marker. This is heartbreaking. I drew this and smudged with my hand. My heart was broken. Blackpink. Isnt this pretty?”


“It’s been 20 minutes, Ok now, I am going to go to Channel Plus. Follow me if you can. If you want  to see me talk on Channel Plus. Then you should subscribe.”

Then she continued doing video live on channel plus showing her eating food, playing game and many more. Her reaction when she finally got the first place during the game and thanking everyone is so funny and cute.😂

Overall, She is so adorable and talented 😭 She makes us fall in love with her even more day by day. Thank you Chaeyounga! 💕


You can watch the full video here: Blackpink Vlive Channel

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