Blackpink Rose Just Built Mini Cooper Lego with Her Sister, Alice

BLACKPINK UPDATE – April 2, 2018.

Blackpink Rose just showed off Mini Cooper Lego on her sister Instagram, Alice. The mini cooper Lego looks so perfect!

On her Instagram, baebaealice, Blackpink Rose’s sister, posted 4 photos of Mini Cooper Lego along with 1 video featuring Bazzi’s song, Mine, as the background music.

No Photo of Blackpink Rose, How Do We Know She was There?

Before Alice posted 4 photos and 1 video of Mini Cooper Lego, she posted 4 videos through her Instagram story. Indeed, there is no photo of Blackpink Rose but there is Blackpink Rose’s hand.

And in this video, you will notice Blackpink Rose voice

If you still remember a moment when Blackpink Rose and Lisa bought matching ring after archery you will know that is Blackpink Rose’s hand. She was wearing that matching ring while pointing the Mini Cooper Lego.

Blackpink Rose likely bought the Lego during Blackpink last visit to Japan March 27-April 1, 2018.

During Blackpink special interview with Abema TV Japan on March 28, 2018, Blackpink Jennie said she is into building Lego these days and wanted to visit Lego shop in Tokyo.

Blackpink Jisoo added, “throughout the flight to Japan, she kept whispering to my ears ‘Lets go buy Lego’ and I was like ‘oh oh lets go!”

Besides, on March 31, 2018 before Blackpink performed at Tokyo Girls Collection, Blackpink Jennie joined Vlive CH+ Chatroom and talked about Lego:

Do I really have to do a Lego broadcast
You guys wanna see me building my Lego for 6 hours? Kekekekeke without talking
I’ll get really serious, when building Lego
I’ll do it if there’s an opportunity

Well, it seems like Blackpink members are playing Lego these days. Jendeukaa, we wait for your Lego Broadcast too!

Source: Alice Instagram, Blackpink House, Blackpink Abema TV; Blackpink Jennie Chat Vlive CH+ English Trans by 💛✨BLACK&PINK✨💛
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